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Could it be all over for Chelsea as we know it?


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Firstly, I apologise for the massively pessimistic post, and nope I'm not talking about us essentially handing the title to Manchester United last night, nor am I referring to the fact I cannot see us progressing any further in the Champions League due to tactical incompetence, and more importantly an apparent complete lack of confidence at the club. Nope, neither of these things, in fact, it's something that's potentially far worse and yup, it goes back to our good old friend Jose.

It's been discussed before just how much of a lasting effect the guy has had on the club, and even now it's believed that he's constantly in contact with all of the Chelsea staff (this includes backroom staff as well as all of the players), often giving them words of encouragement before big games. Something that about epitomes our managerial situation for me is that I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few words on a text message from Mourinho were more inspiring than any speech Avram Grant could give, but again I'm skirting the subject here a little.

Fact is, many of our players and staff still have a strong bond with Jose, and there's every chance that whatever club he joins next, they will follow.

So, who can we really expect to leave this season?

[*]Frank Lampard - Seemed to grow a huge bond with the guy that referred to him as 'the best midfielder in the world' - maybe a little strong, but personally I feel he's our most influential midfielder by far, he makes things happen and we don't look like the same team without him.[/*:m:225hvja2]

[*]Didier Drogba - Incredibly sulky, and also prone to diving, I don't think his heart has ever truly been with the club and constantly reminds us all that he wants to leave. And yet, under Mourinho he was argueably the best player in the world, and even now it cannot be emphasised just how much we need him. Arsenal is a good example of this, even if things aren't going well for us, Drogba's ability to turn the game around in our favour is absolutely incredible.[/*:m:225hvja2]

[*]Steve Clarke - Hugely respected by Chelsea fans, and in my opinion one of the few people left who has a genuine place his in his heart for the club. Just a shame then that he loved working with Jose so much and is very likely to be looking for new challenges at the end of the season. Again, it's just rumours and speculation but I've heard so many good things about how good Steve is for the club (I imagine he contributes far more to team talks, tactics, training etc than Grant does) he's going to be a huge loss.[/*:m:225hvja2]

Even if just these four people leave, how do you think we will fare in the future? Our best defender, our best midfielder, our best striker and the guy who (apparently) does all of the hard work behind the scenes. Yes, these people could be replaced, but I don't think anyone we bring in will have anywhere near as much effect on the club, and being honest, who is going to want to join Chelsea to play under Avram Grant?

On a final note I'd like to say I think we've done fairly well this season, far better than I had predicted anyway and there's a chance Grant had a big part to play in that. However, the future is looking fairly bleak to me and I do not think Grant is even close to being the sort of manager who could turn it around for us, although as long as he's the Chelsea manager I will continue to support him.

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its not the end ChElSea2.gif

lets call it a glich

hopefully now some of the over paid mercenaries will head for the exit door

leaving only those who want to play for chelsea

and making some room for the next lot of over paid mercenaries icon_lol.gif

players come and go blize, thats football

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it's stating the obvious though...teams have to be rebuilt as father time catches up on players, some move on of their own choice, some of the club's choice and managers come and go as we saw so tragically this season...yes there will be rebuilding in the summer but it also provides new hope...if there were no changes...that would be depressing

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Good points, my problem isn't really with Grant as such, more that I think when Jose left he took the team spirit with him, and it's only going to get a lot worse next season when some of our most valued players and staff decide to join him too.

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