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Came home tonight and decided to watch yesterdays game again . MUTV had the game on before Chelsea tv , so why not . Now, i watch Chelsea tv coverage a lot , and i will admit there is an element of bias towards us which you have to understand and i understand any other club with the same opinion given the opportunity . Chelsea TV commentry is usually balanced to a degree and Jason Cundy will always give a fair and critical analyses to what happens . I cant say the same for Paddy Crerand on MUTV. Ok he's United through and through , fair enough but his complete bias towards United is almost sickening and embarassing . Example , on an incident with Ashley Cole , [Ashley won the ball ] 'he's one of those many Chelsea players who would get into your most irritating 11 alomg with every Arsenal player , ha ha from his co commentator, Joe Cole followed through on a ball that Van De Sar collected , Joey followed through but no contact , Crerand ''Theres an example , he tried to hurt our goalkeeper ' should be booked '. Anderson fouled , Crerand again with his agressive tone of voice explains that were getting away with murder .

After the Drogs /Ballack free kick incident he says 'All is not well in the Chelsea camp ' how the f**k does he know .? Anelka warming up , Crerand 'Theres a wasted talent who followed the money train ' .Whats he doing at Chelsea '? The penalty , 'Thats a disgraceful decision [ok , you get some , you dont ] , but his reaction was hillarious .

Now , ive listened to commentry on every Chelsea game on Chelsea TV this season and i have never once heard Jason Cundy or Tommy Langley get digs in against any opposition , be it individual players or otherwise . Crerand is a f**king bitter old man who will NEVER give credit to anybody , he's the reason people hate his beloved club and if he sees a talented player , he will run them down because they dont't play for Hypechester United .

Overall, MUTV could do better , even Bryan Robson agreed it was a penalty .

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Anelka a wasted talent, i take it he did'nt have a look at £100m pounds worth of talent on the Man U bench.

If he thought we had lost it over the free kick what was he saying about them at the final whistle?

It was a penalty, you bad losing Manc to**er, get over it.

Let them harp on about the penalty all they like, it can paper over the massive cracks appearing in his team, and the fact we played them off the park.

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now wose than the fergie/queroz comedy duo. apparently it wasnt apen because:

a) a pen like that shouldnt be given in a big game like this one. and

B) the ball was going straight to ferdinand anyway.

both direct quotes from old red nose. are these new rules that the fa implemented without telling anyone, or more myopic ignorance from the gin soaked one.

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That was supposedly the first penalty given against ManU for the entire Premier League season. WTF? Based on that, I guess SAF feels that his players never concede penalties.

I wrote a response a few weeks ago about ManU not conceding a penalty and not having a player sent off, and I think I was correct about those two things. No wonder they top the table when that happens.

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What makes their ranting all the more desperate is the fact that that was the first penalty given against Man U in the league this season. Informe, informe, the've all got it informe w**k2.gif

Sorry Philip must have been writing mine when you posted yours but these are the facts,

Man U have been awarded 7 penalties in the league this season. No body has been awarded more than them.

Man U have conceded 1 penalty against them (saturday). Fewer than anybody else.

I can see how they find this anti Utd bias unfair icon_rolleyes.gif

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