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Was watching the "soccer" channel out here and Man City have already stated that they will break the British transfer record by signing Aguerro for 35 million this summer!

The fact that they are making their intentions known, and doing so this early, means it will be VERY difficult for us to land him now.

Shame, as I was really hoping that the following scenario would happen: We land Huntelaar in the January transfer market, as he is young and not cup tied. In the summer we off-load Drogba and, or Malouda (as much as I feel he can still offer something) and land Aguerro.

That means we would have Kalou, Huntelaar, Aguerro and Di Santo as our attacking 4 nest season.

Hey, I can dream


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I actually think there are 3 players in the world today that are realistically up for grabs and who will be the next big thing in the years to come : Aguero, Benzema and Huntelaar, in that order

Any single one of them that we manage to get to us will be a great addition to the team, on par with Liverpool's Torres or United's Rooney.

They will sure as hell gonna cost Roman a couple of new yachts, but all three of them will make the best offense on 3-4 years on and I can bet money on it.

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I don't think Man City will get him.

As they will find out in January, players aren't solely driven by money. To attract the true top-draw players, you need to be (1) in the Champion's League and (2) Challenging for the premiership. And City are nowhere near either if you ask me.

What they will do is drive up his price, big time.

If the Man City owners were prepared to shell out the money they did for Robinho, I can see them putting in an offer closer to 50 million for the "next big thing" of Spanish football.

And, unfortunately for us, Barca, Real or anyone else who wants him, that will set a benchmark that we will have to meet if we want him. And I don't know if even Roman's pockets are that deep at the moment.

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If ManCity ends up at middle of the Prem table with 20 points behind the winner end of this season I would be really careful if I was Aguero which team to choose. He goes to team that plays CL next season I have no doubts about it, I don't see ManCity being one of them.

He could pull "the Tevez'" or " the Mascerano'" but I doubt it.

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