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leave chelsea career over?

chelsea rotterdam

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After reading about gallas and also seeing Flo coming back.

I was wondering which players have gone on to better things after leaving chelsea.

i can name a few from yesteryear like george graham, venables, greaves and wilkins, which have done well

But looking back at the years that i have been following chelsea i can't recall players really setting other clubs a light after leaving us.

For example..Pat nevin, andy townsend, jason cundy and judas durie never did much with their new clubs.

Can anybody tell me if there are players who left chelsea and went on to better things??

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Err in the last 20 years

I guess you could say Le Saux before he came back to us as he won the Premiership with Blackburn.

You could probably argue that Muzzy Izzet's career was better after he left us, similarly Chris Sutton.

As things stand you have to say Sidwell's career is getting back on track.

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When townsend left he was thinking fa cups and championships not a league cup...

I am also glad we sold Robben he has only played 42% of all the matches played since he joined chelsea and left us again.His body( and mind) is not strong enough for top class football.

I'm sure you are glad Robben left however it doesn't alter the fact he has gone on to win more titles whilst we didn't which was the purpose of your original question wasn't it?

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Correct geezer!!!

It just got me thinking how big a club we are now that when players leave they often don't go on to produce much more than they did at chelsea.

One or two players being the exception.Whilst players always left us to go on to big and better clubs or so they told us and the press and it seems that does these days have gone.

All I want is now for us to find a player like messi or dare a say a ronaldo( the united one). I mean pick them up at 17 and bring them on slowly. Maybe di santo can became someone we picked up for a small fee and can become a great player...

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When townsend left he was thinking fa cups and championships not a league cup...

I'm sure he was, but your original question was about players who were more successful after leaving Chelsea, not players who didn't win as many trophies as they thought they would have done.

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Arjen Robben - still winning championships

...and still always injured

Glen Johnson and Diarra have the potential to be class internationals so I guess in terms of potential they should be mentioned.



Melchiot - kinda doing well at Wigan now, isn't he their captain?

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