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To the Gooners that had a chuckle!


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So you would prefer the Arse to go forward to win a trophy this season?

Regardless of how sh*t we are just now, I think it's happy days the Gooners got bent over to Burnley!

Me Too.

Couldn't bring myself to laugh at Leeds the other day - I was just way too depressed after our defeat to the Gooners. But this is great. The media are just so quick to enthuse over Wenger's youngsters every time they do well and this is just a big slap in the face and the realisation that they are not quite so wonderful after all.

Bloody Great!

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You know how it goes. Gloat today, mocked tomorrow (or as happened on Sunday, later the same day). Of course I laughed when Leeds lost. And of course that laughter was well and truly forgotten after our game.

But did I laugh at the Arse last night? Too damned right I did!

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Sunday reminded me of why I hated them. From their players to their fans, I wanted to leap through the television and choke them all

To see them fall so flat only two days later pleased me greatly. bar stewards

We're in no picnic ourselves, but surely now we see that 1. Burnley are much stronger than most believed and 2. Sunday was, in all probability, a flukey result

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