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  1. My Mrs loves it, so we both watch it. Quite enjoy it really. Can't say I could do ANY of the eating challenges
  2. My allergy has suddenly come back. These guys are so hard to replace
  3. It would end up like our pool league, as money would talk.... We'd be playing Man Utd away one week, followed by Man Utd C and Man Utd B at home.
  4. A Matter of Life and Death, with David Niven.
  5. Which one Gem, 1950's or 1990's? Either way, I think the 1950's one was groundbreaking. But watching it now may not be as rewarding, as the concept has been done to death since.
  6. Watched the 1949 Whisky Galore at the weekend. Not seen it since I was a teenager. Enjoyed it so much more now, as I actually enjoy whisky :) Can't believe Gordon Jackson's been dead 25 years!
  7. Just checked IMDB, last major film was The Good Shepherd in 2006. He's 72 now, so probably taking it easy. Fantastic in Goodfellas, Casino and Home Alone 1&2.
  8. So glad you've gone.... such a plastic
  9. I do think he gets a fair amount of support from some pundits, although it's usually followed by a "but". Shearer loves him, I'm sure he see's himsrlf in him. He, of course, rarely got criticised when acting in a similar way. Even Keown gave a veiled compliment after the Arsenal game.
  10. Probably posting on it too, although strangely, this account was registered this month!
  11. How did he do yesterday, I've only seen the highlights on MOTD?
  12. I think it's time we got behind this guy. Yes, he's part of the problem when we get to the box and just tap it round to the other side, but that's not entirely his fault, I think he's being managed that way
  13. My point entirely. Put a free kick, angled, over the top like that. It's perfect. As Zola did, so many times. The keeper can't go for it, as he'd leave an open goal with ANY contact. Horrible to defend. Willian's got it right this season, on that front. Jammy he is not. Oscar got a similar one, but I think (from his reaction) that it was a cross.
  14. A touch underated this season, probably because we've lost a lot of the games he's scored in. His free kicks have been very Zola-ish. Does that mean they are strange?
  15. Surprised no-one else has mentioned it but what a great free kick. As soon as I saw it's path, I said to the missus "that's in". Virtually unplayable, as Gianfranco proved many times.
  16. Watched the first series on Netflix or NowTV (can't remember which), is any more available anywhere?
  17. I think most Pro's are pretty good, with one noteable exception in CR7 who looks visibly angry when someone else scores, instead of passing to him
  18. Might not of been sent off during the match, but has been banned after.
  19. All handbags, could have been sorted without any cards
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