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  1. Love rosie ..amazing story of childhood love ..
  2. West and east stands are disappointment in sound levels ..increase Mathew harding and she'd end by 10,000 each ..
  3. They should increase Mathew harding like this too ...:)..would be more than 60k
  4. it took him long to score for chelsea lol...Good lad ..
  5. Lol. .found this on Facebook ...would be amazing if we can get 70k from Stamford Bridge
  6. He doesn't feature in Barcelona plans ..buy him mm
  7. He's up for sale....get him. .sky sports
  8. Get vidal. .matic and vidal will be awesome
  9. That's sound like perfect plan...build new stadium and make Stamford Bridge a training ground or some form of venue
  10. Wished they increased the seats onto north and south. .seats are low ..double the seats and we are into around 58000
  11. Do anyone notice that there were some seats left at top of North and south stands during previous games .do anyone knows the reason for it
  12. Just saying that we need strikers. .that what happened this season as we didn't finish the games ...
  13. Mou should play attacking football not park the bus. .that's probably why
  14. Hazard and Oscar are becoming key players. .
  15. Would prefer this...its taking too long for Malaysians. .can't we have battersea now....so near down the river Thames. ..fantastic location. ..
  16. What time is work permit hearing
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