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  1. A victory? For whom? More like bitterness from the likes of you.
  2. There were several posters who rejoiced when Sarri was hired and one of the reasons was that he wouldn't pick fights with Marina and the board regarding player transfers unlike those pesky types like Conte and Mourinho. Turns out Sarri cares even less about Chelsea than them. What a slap in the face for these posters LOL!
  3. Don't know if this is popular or not but I think the club is not utilizing Conte's contacts in the Serie A well enough when it comes to snapping up youth and established quality players, the majority of whom can be bought at more reasonable prices than paying 35 million pounds or more for Drinkwater. There's more to the Serie A than just Sandro or Nainggolan. And Conte knows them like the back of his hand. Also, I don't believe Drinkwater will amount to much despite the overwhelming positive accolades given to him by the posters here. He can do a bit of everything but does nothing very well. Reminds me of Tom Cleverley of Man Utd. If you ask me, I would suggest Daniele Baselli in a central midfield role who is also from Torino like Zappacosta. Good shooting, reads the game and passes well and can also intercept and tackle consistently. Can play as a defensive midfielder, central midfielder or box-to-box. Don't think he's capped at senior level for Italy but that would only serve to lower his transfer fee.
  4. I think Torino paid something like 5 million euros for him if I recall from looking up an old Serie A transfer site which is a bargain even in 2015. He definitely has a high ceiling as his ball control while running at speed is far better than Moses. The reason why he was bought pretty quickly was due to the fact that he was surplus to requirements as De Silvestri replaced him at right back in a flat back 4 and Zappacosta is really not suited to that role (at least that's what I think). The coaching staff at the Bridge will need to drill some tactical defensive discipline in him but I think he will improve on this as all Italian footballers have that defensive nous in them
  5. Noted on your points. It's ironic and tragic that the club has the funds to buy Sandro and had made three bids for him yet Marina can't get the deal done. I maintain that her Low balling and drawn out negotiation tactics just pisses off selling clubs and this reputation of hers bode ill for major transfer business in the future.
  6. Valencia is a right back so Sandro won't compete with him. There's still Real Madrid and Barcelona. Also, it depends on Conte staying and I am convinced he will leave Chelsea by next summer if not sooner. And never discount the Marina factor - she will low ball and penny pinch to the point that Juventus gets pissed off and the deal is off again. A leopard never changes its spots.
  7. Imho he's an attacking player Very much so. He can and has played well in the right wing position too. The tactical part of zonal and man marking would have to be continually coached into him by Conte and his coaching staff as those are his weak points. But like all Italian footballers, they have an inate grasp of tactics especially defensive ones.
  8. Well, then you would know that Juventus almost bought him in 2015 but until today I don't know the reason why he went over to join Torino.
  9. Chelsea has no track record of signing any big name players after missing out on them a season before after Marina took over transfer negotiations.
  10. Furnish evidence of that or did you pull that out of your rear end?
  11. To be precise, he's a right wing back. He lost his place this season as Torino switched to a back four and he's not suited to be a tight back due to his weaknesses in marking and tackling.
  12. The difference is I don't call them whiners.
  13. Don't count on it. He will be sold to one of the Manchester clubs or PSG next summer.
  14. Anyone who disagrees with you is a whiner? You can start your own forum without the so-called whiners then.
  15. lchk

    Random Rumours

    In this case, I fully expect Zabbacosta to do well in the RWB position and replace Moses.
  16. Hire Sean Dyche then. He wouldn't walk and he wouldn't complain about not getting any targets. Save money by not signing any players.
  17. Conte is too professional to lay down tools. The problem is the board doesn't want to invest in the squad to a sufficient extent that it will be serious challengers. Europe and Conte's ambitions lie in being among the best in Europe. That's where the gap lies. Also, the Board has unrealistic ambitions to wanting to win trophies regardless of the level of investments it has made in players and one can clearly see that Conte is not a match at Chelsea on a Long term basis.
  18. There is now cover for central midfield although it is disappointing that a better player was not signed to actually compete against the current midfielders for a first team spot. He's another Scott Parker.
  19. Based on my watching Zappacosta in Serie A, I believe he will displace Moses sooner or later. He is far more intelligent going forward as he knows when to release the ball and read opponents' movements which is another important trait an effective wing-back needs to have.
  20. That doesn't address the board's need for immediate success. In fact, it aggravates the already weak squad in terms of quality as the ones called back are odd inexperienced youth players and those who surplus to requirements. Eventually, it will catch up with you especially when top coaches like Conte leaves and a less capable one replaces him which is no surprise as any ambitious coach would want proper backing by their boards and why join a club that has a massive mismatch between what it wants and how much it is willing to invest. Man Utd of recent years is a perfect example of this - Alex Ferguson dragged an Aging and a bunch of average players like Tom Cleverley to the title, got them to perform beyond their normal abilities and when he left, the entire structure collapsed leading to their Board having to sanction close to half a billion pounds in player investment under three separate managers.
  21. Herein lies the Board's and perhaps Roman's delusional intentions - don't expect the club to be a serial winner if they don't invest in sufficient quality players. Conte may be a top quality coach who can get the best out of players, even those with limited technical ability like Moses but let's not fool ourselves by expecting him to continue winning trophies with a very small squad and a lack of top class players jostling for places. This will hit the club even harder when Hazard leaves and I expect he will want out if the club refuses to put their money where their mouth is. The simplistic way is to sack Conte and replace him with yet another manager but eventually there will be a shortage of good managers who will join the club. Who would want to risk being fired when the expectations are to win the league and challenge for the CL while even Huddersfield Town is outspending you in the net transfer table? Best thing for the Board and Roman to do is to tone down their expectations to be in line with their player investment. That way, all the fans know what the outcome will be and this reduces friction between the manager, board and the fans.
  22. If the Board didn't plug the gaps during the summer transfer window, why should they bother in January? They know what the gaps are. The manager reminds them all the time. Yet they have done nothing about it unless Zappacosta joins and that's only one gap that is covered. The board's primary goal is to have a very Low net spend. It's a business for them and Conte and the fans be damned for all they care.
  23. By the way, Italy has a bunch of upcoming talent in keepers, defense and midfield just waiting to be plucked and if the Board has any smarts, it should leverage on Cotne's contacts in Serie A to raid for first team squad options. I would go for Antonio Barecca who plays left back or wing back for Torino too next summer once he has another season of Seria A under his belt. Alex Sandro is a pipe dream as the Board will never spend that kind of money while wheeling and dealing over a million or two in difference.
  24. Conte definitely knows him as Juventus almost bought him but for whatever reason Torino snapped him up for a few million Euros in 2015. Also, he has been called up to the national Italian squad by Conte.
  25. His crossing improved a fair bit last season compared to his time at Atalanta but it still needs improving. His greatest strength is his ability to dribble and run past defenders coupled with some intelligent movement which is definitely better than Moses's headless chicken acts. I also add that this transfer is going through because he has no place in Torino's new formation which utilises a flat back four and hence he lost his place to De Silvestri.

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