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  1. I hope Conte has identified targets already though.
  2. Oh dear god. Very clumsy keeper. Pulls off some outrageous saves in fairness.
  3. We must look for different things. 15 touches inside the box today without a goal pretty much sums up his career. He's a decent player but nowhere near the money being asked for.
  4. Having Khedira, Pogba, Hernanes and now Pjanic, I'd give an arm and a leg to have Marchisio at Chelsea. Never going to happen but he's one of he most underrated players I remember. Always overshadowed by Pogba, Pirlo, Vidal etc.
  5. That's cheaper than what Everton want for the worlds most erratic defender, John Stones.
  6. If it is indeed City, then what the hell is the point in playing next season. It makes sense actually as Pep has complimented him each time they've played. Damn, it's going to be Coty isn't it? They're expected to sign Laporte in the next few days. Rodriguez would solve a weaker area for them. Laporte and Kompany would be outrageous of Kompany can stay fit. Can't see Mangala staying and Otamendi is a lot better than his first season appeared. I don't think they're covered at right back though as both are ageing. He will probably go out and sign someone there too. Im worried about this season already. City have a decent squad and Pep could win the league with those players. He's adding quality though already and hasn't even officially taken charge yet.
  7. I agree. Far far better than Stones. i read online that it's 40m euros also? That actually works out a really decent deal. That's around 30-32m of my maths is correct.
  8. Apparently Ricardo Rodriguez' agent has claimed that his release clause has been activated before the Euros and a deal is almost complete. Please please be us. I know myself and a few others were disappointed we went for Rahman instead but it's time to rectify that mistake.
  9. Send Willian to the gym all summer and get him central and he can be our box to box midfielder. His positioning and defensive work has come on bounds this season.
  10. Koulibaly is actually very good on the ball.
  11. I am a firm believer in educating people who are misinformed.
  12. ^^^ sobbing uncontrollably ^^^ word salad When are you going to actually read a post correctly? Koulibaly is an excellent defender. No one has stated otherwise. He's not better than Chiellini or Bonucci though. Stop talking nonsense. Your obsession with everything African is becoming tiresome and pathetic. The guy is a great defender but one good season does not put him level par with Chiellini or Bonucci.
  13. I should have read this before replying to save myself time.
  14. 32 on the 14th of August. Didn't even need google for that. And again I didn't mention him signing for anyone. I m merely pointing out that he's far superior to Koulibaly.
  15. Stalk him at the stadium. I'd love him at Chelsea.
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