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  1. well yes normally it would be. Sorry memory is a bit hazy after all these years, but weren't they giving out toilitries or something before the game? it was a one off, like the Sweeney thing above.
  2. My dad and my grandad had terrific seats in the old West Stand 1969-70 season, third row. You would enter the stand from the top and walk down to your seat, that was quite unusual I think, but it was very impressive. Bit like walking up the aisle! As my grandad got older he didn't go every week so that was my introduction, and we kept those seats for quite a few years. Then as we started to go downhill a bit my dad stopped going regularly and I would either go in the benches or The Shed. Like a lot of fans i expect, i had all sorts of matchday superstitions involving parking/clothes/scarf/crossing legs all that sort of thing so it is weird that i don't remember standing anywhere in particular, it was just a case of getting a space where i could get a decent view. Generally this would be halfway up/halfway down and either "middle" or "west side". The white wall seemed to be for the nutters! Too near the front and you couldn't see the other end of the pitch, too far back and you could only just about see the near side of the pitch! Too squashed in and you couldn't see anything except the bloke in front. But wherever you were, the atmosphere in The Shed was great and I now had a chance of hearing the words to songs that I had vaguely been able to listen to from the West Stand - oh, your old lady is a ....! Been back pretty infrequently the last 20 years and just think myself lucky to have watched football in the vintage years before all seaters.
  3. I have just found out that by changing internet browser i am now able to reply to topics on here, so I might be doing some catch up...!!! i do remember this game. Went with some non Chelsea school mates who were looking to see some of those star names. But from where we were in The Shed you couldn't make them out to be honest and the game itself was not that memorable. What I do seem to remember though is a great atmosphere in The Shed and some stupid songs about Chelsea Brut Boys - ring any bells with anyone? That was what had us talking the next day, not those foreign stars!
  4. I don't remember Paddy getting injured in the League Cup Final. To be honest I don't remember much about the day at all except that we were rubbish and had seemingly thought we only had to turn up to win. However, I did used to watch Palace quite often when Chelsea were playing away, and for several seasons they were "paired" ie home and away games co-ordinated. So I do remember the 2 (TWO!) games they beat Man Utd 5-0 including the game when Paddy got 2. So it's disappointing to read that it was not a happy time for him and he was glad to leave. Not as disappointing though as his fave player being Johnny Giles - ugh! I suppose his Irishness trumps his Leedsness as far as Paddy is concerned!
  5. A great read, thanks for posting. Must admit I was one of Houseman's detractors - clearly I should have gone to that game (was at the home 2-2 game).

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