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  1. What about developing Tomori? He looked good when he played and maybe he can develop into a great defender?
  2. Apparently these opinions are deemed "politics" and not wanted on this platform by some headmasters!!
  3. Not sure we are progressing or regressing as a team, I just want the successful happy days please. Please Chelsea sort this out and give us good football and results!!
  4. This can actually work really well and we will benefit a lot from Mount press in mid field. Not this left wing sh*t lampard does
  5. I'm hoping for a lucky chance and goal, I'll take them 3 points happy
  6. Mount starts again, Pulisic on the right, Odoi/Ziyech benched 🤔
  7. He deserves to be starting, he had good work ethics, he is the first line of defence with his high press. I like him and he works well in this system we play.
  8. Alonso Jorginho worries me! And no width without odoi. I hope we turn up and win!! We need a win please
  9. What a performance from Zouma and Azpi today. Pulisic is just too good
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