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  1. I like our line up. I hope Alonso sits deep and does his job. Happy for Odoi
  2. I actually think we will play really well tonight! Whenever we are perceived as underdogs - we always perform! This game will be won for us by Hazard! 3-1 to us
  3. We need a bit of variation in our team. It's concerning how when Jorginho gets pressed - Chelsea can't really perform. Overall I'm happy with the direction we are going but I think we can do better in big games against top 6 playing Kante at CDM and gaining the most defensive value from him. Kepa Azpi Rud Luiz Alonso Kante Cesc Kovacic Willian Morata Hazard Against weaker sides we can use Jorginho and rest Kante cause we can attack better with guys like Barkley and Loftus Cheek instead on having Kante as CAM.
  4. We would all welcome some changes but still have a balanced team to get us a result. I would like to have the following line up Kepa Azpi Christensen Cahill Emerson Ngolo Ampadu Barkley or Cesc Willian Morata Odoi Think this side will be good enough to trouble the liverpool side which will also have changes. Its a shame RLC is not fit for this match otherwise would have wanted him on as well. SUBS: Hazard Kovacic Moses Alonso Giruod Cesc/Brakley Caballero Looking forward to a very entertaining match and hopefully a win
  5. on that one i agree 100% - we needed more youth subs on the bench. I am just guessing he is trying to protect the kid cause i think its going to be physical game with PAOK at home fighting for everything
  6. If that's the actual line up then that's good. I am happy with that! We have easier opponents in Europa after this one and so the youth should play all those games. This is our toughest match in the Europa group stage and we need to make a statement.
  7. I really don't want a hard fought victory - I hope we just get into a smooth 2 nill lead by half time!! Want to enjoy my whisky watching good possession football without stress please!
  8. Kepa Zappa Christensen Rudiger Alonso Jorginho Kante Barkley Moses Morata Willian 3-0 Chelsea
  9. Kepa Zappa Ampadu Christensen Emerson Cesc Drinkwater Loftus Cheek Moses Morata Barkley Bench: Hazard, Giroud, CHO, Willian, Caballero, Cahill, Azpiluceuta We still need some experience in the squad and some balance too. But we still need to have our lethal players on the bench for when things go wrong.
  10. Chelsea 4-1 Bournemouth. Eden Hazard of course with a brace!
  11. I get the guys saying we were slow etc, but I think for this game its a bit harsh. Rise Newcastle players were well drilled. They are strong and fast. They are so hard to break down and they were at home. I'm actually very proud of the way we played and would take that performance any day any time
  12. I like the fact teams are beginning to get scared of Chelsea, the way Newcastle parked it, they didn't even want to play today!
  13. Boy oh Boy, are we in for a Hazard treat today!!