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  1. Conte is searching someone to play in the first team instead of Matic, not someone for the bench
  2. Seems we were hunting Leandro Paredes in spring, this guy does actually remind me of Lampard... He is not number 10, but solid 8
  3. This time last year Klopp did not sign for Liverpool yet ?
  4. The first four options were Bielsa, Sampaoli, Guardiola and Simeone - all of them rejected job at chelsea :) nevertheless, it is way too early to talk about Conte's results, give him time at least till spring - so we all can see how the team is playing and where his "philosophy" brings us.
  5. Conte has a word on who he needs or not; possibly Conte thinks Ken does not suit his philosophy or still a bit too young...
  6. It's been like this for two weeks... Any news?
  7. I would even pick Kenedy before Oscar due to his energy and physical attributes...but I can't pick :D
  8. He is consistently bad, with 1-2 games good games per season. He is already 24 and there are much better Brazilians out there that are younger, he might be in the national squad only because he is playing for Chelsea. We'll see however what Conte is thinking about him. Is he in the US with the team? Did he play? Was he good ?- I did not follow much lately, that's why I'm asking :)
  9. we won't get even 50 mils... with our position and his form
  10. The only problem I see in Hazard - he does not believe in himself..., seems like he doesn't have any ambitions to become better, to take the leading roles in the club :/ If we sell him >> who can we get relatively "cheap", same age/younger and with no less talent than this guy?
  11. Mourinho got sacked first time after a season, when ManU became the Champion. The second time it was indeed the season after we won the title, however current position and "gameplay" do not correspond to what Mourinho promised to bring; he had 2 years to do that - I mean solid "gameplay" with own style, and using own academy players. Carlo's dismissal was a mistake indeed, just like ones of AVB, Scolari, Rafa.
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