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  1. Is there any indication this is a "take it or leave it" offer rather than an intentionally low offer given with the expectation that the other side will negotiate it upward?
  2. Great outcome if true. No matter what happens, his playing days are clearly numbered, and this would give him a smooth transition to the next phase of his career. Would be good for him in the long run even if he doesn't see it that way now.
  3. I wonder what is going through Conte's mind. When he signed the contract, we were unbeaten and optimistic. Not the case anymore. I wonder if he is having doubts about the decision and/or wishes he had negotiated more control over transfers and things like that.
  4. ?? He's not the highest earner. Hazard for a fact earns more, Costa too I believe, and maybe some others.
  5. Sounds entirely reasonable to me IF it's true and there aren't other big clauses.
  6. Interesting choice of words. He says it's a "contract extension" but then a "different role". If it were a non player role, it would be strange to call it an extension. Fascinating game between JT's representatives (I don't for one second believe that JT is deciding these public statements himself) and the board.
  7. These contracts are usually dozens of pages long, sometimes even hundreds of pages, so the fact he hasn't signed yet doesn't mean much. Didn't Lampard say that they didn't even offer him a reduced salary deal?
  8. Please please please let the Sun be right for once! I've said this for a while, that paradoxically for the club to "move forward" and develop its younger players, they actually need to keep its oldest and longest serving player. The younger players have unanimously sung his praises about the guidance he has given them. For example: The best outcome I think is for them to make JT's next year into a transitional year. He'd primarily be a squad player at the beginning of the season when the team needs to establish stability and form. Then he would gradually step back from the first team (
  9. When I hear leaks, I've learned to not jump to conclusions about the identity of the rat. In my personal experience, sometimes the rats are those you least expect.
  10. Yeah that crossed my mind. The other possibility that crossed my mind is that Conte said he doesn't feel strongly one way or the other, so whatever the board wants is okay for him.
  11. I have to disagree. In any type of teaching, what and who is effective for one student may not work for another student. Every student has their own personality and learning style. As I understand it, the players are allowed to seek private lessons at their expense, no? Like if a player wants to specifically improve dribbling, they can get hire a personal dribbling specialist coach to work with them. Maybe Thibaut would do well taking that approach if they won't get rid of Lollichon.
  12. I don't know if they're the worst, and you can't really define the worst anyway. I do think they act like a mean heartless corporation. The type of corporation that would very rid of someone who had been there 50 years without so much as a thank you, and where those at the top can get away with anything. As much as I'm a fan, if offered a job there I wouldn't take it. If they treat legends in the public eye this way, imagine how they treat "normal" staff members.
  13. Can JT appeal the red card? The probability of success might be slim, but there is nothing to lose.
  14. Devastated that he won't play another game for us. His testimonial can't come soon enough.
  15. I think its £120,000 a week :-/ Can buy a new car every day of the year, but still can't buy perfect birth control.
  16. JT IS STARTING TONIGHT!! Congratulations on moving into the all time top 10 most Premier League starts!!
  17. I don't know if he's unhappy here, but I get the feeling even if he's not unhappy, he still would be happier to go to Madrid. It makes sense for him not just from a professional perspective but also from a personal perspective. I can't imagine that his Madridista girlfriend, who recently had a baby, wouldn't pressure him toward choosing Madrid if the choice arises. I certainly would if I were her.
  18. That would make me so happy. He deserves better than Arsenal. We also could really use a veteran player and club legend to mentor younger players next year if JT isn't there.
  19. He did bang de Bruyne's girlfriend, but I'd be surprised if that's the reason we got rid of KdB.
  20. OMG! I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe.
  21. Did Cech ever show a bad attitude in his early years?
  22. If his heart is elsewhere, then it doesn't matter so much how much potential be has. We don't want someone who has a poor attitude in the dressing room or who makes sour whiney comments to the press during a crucial time for the club. Free?! A player should never be allowed to go for free just because they're unhappy. Sends an awful message to players that if they're unhappy and want to leave, they can stop trying to play well enough to boost their transfer value.
  23. I don't think Stoke would tolerate losing both their goalkeepers to us. Would love for Cech to return for a year or two. It'll bring stability (ironic for a change to actually make things more stable) and provide guidance to a dressing room without JT. I don't get the feeling that Cech is particularly happy at Arsenal. I think his heart is still with us. There was a whispering that Pep Guardiola wants to replace Joe Hart. I don't really see it happening, but if the opportunity were there, what would you think about that?
  24. Massive difference. Cech was unhappy because he got demoted due to Courtois demanding to be first choice. A club legend wasn't even allowed to compete for the spot. Of course he was unhappy. Courtois has publicly said that he's unhappy because he'll miss out on Champions League football for one season and didn't win a trophy this year and implied that he's considering leaving because of that, never mind that he hasn't been at his best form and has contributed to the fact that we've had a poor season. I doubt Cech would have wanted to leave under the same circumstances.
  25. Don't athletes take ice baths after practice? I guess he's used to it. I think sea water is also good for injuries, no? My nipples would have been like a dried out and shrunken cherry falling from a tree
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