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  1. Know when something is so bad that it's good? Dele Alli's MySpace profile picture from when he was 12 years old.
  2. You're Welsh, right? I think you mentioned it in the Euro 2016 thread. Sorry if I'm mixing you up with another member. I like this one of the Welsh team. Don't know if it was intentional.
  3. ^^ I'm partial to Ronaldo showing off his water bottle opening abilities.
  4. Ironically, the women actually play more like you describe. No faking, no falling down at the slightest touch. Little cynical fouling. Playing through pain. Giving everything for the country. There are definitely things I don't like about the women's game, such as the fact that they run a lot slower and don't hit the ball with the power you see from men. But in other ways the women are more enjoyable to watch. The greater fluidity of the game and the lack of shenanigans are undeniable.
  5. Mourinho has given us plenty of amusing expressions over the years. This one had me literally laughing out loud. It was before the game, which was a pre-season friendly against Roma played in Washington DC, so it must not be the game that was making him the Sad One. source
  6. thanks for the explanation. How suiting that his name is Butcher! How was he allowed to continue playing with all that blood? I would have thought that this would be seen as a safety problem especially in that era when there were huge concerns about HIV.
  7. These are amazing! It would be helpful if people include a short description/caption, especially for the older pictures that were taken before some board members were born.
  8. What are some football related images you love? Photographs, cartoons, screenshots, memes, etc. Here are two of mine. This photograph cracks me up so much. Messi looks like a school boy being scolded by his teacher. http://www.gettyimages.com/event/paris-saint-germain-v-fc-barcelona-uefa-champions-league-quarter-final-first-leg-544350545#english-referee-mark-clattenburg-talks-to-barcelonas-argentinian-picture-id469819024 Luis Suarez being consoled by Julian Speroni - who is probably laughing so hard inside (who wasn't?) but trying not to show it - after the Liverpool collapse at Crystal
  9. If he requested the transfer, give it to him. He clearly doesn't think Conte will be compatible with him. We've seen how important it is for him to have a good relationship with the manager. He was willing to move mountains for Hiddink and Simeone but was an embarrassment with Mourinho. If he feels he can't perform his best under Conte, better that he be honest about it than to stay and underperform.
  10. He's also been a good role model for the other players with his effort even in the most dire dysfunctional situations.
  11. The idea that Jose deliberately did a bad job in order to get sacked is ridiculous. Not only would it set him up for legal problems from the Chelsea board, but it would decrease his attractiveness to other clubs. If you want a certain new job, you greatly decrease your chances by doing a bad job at your old one.
  12. After Wenger, I think Hughes is the next longest and he's been there 3 or 4 years? Martinez started around the same time, and now he's gone. In fairness to whoever posted that, we are certainly one of the worst clubs in that we cold-heartedly sack managers even when the results are good. The way we treated Ancelotti in particular was a disgrace. Di Matteo was also mistreated. The only club that surpasses us is Watford. We wouldn't have given van Gaal as much time as they did.
  13. Yup. Plus it probably was written by his representatives, or maybe even by Man United staff.
  14. I wonder what reception he'll get when he comes back to Stamford Bridge with them. The Stamford Bridge crowds have generally been very gracious toward former club members.
  15. If Jose plays a lot of youth when he's there, I'm going to be angry.
  16. I give Jose 2-3 years at most and wouldn't be surprised if he leaves after 1 season, perhaps by his choice. During which time he'll be made miserable at his job. Reports are that the board was very split on his appointment. When you're thrown into a situation where you don't have the support of several important figures, you become a political pawn set up to fail, and you won't get their support no matter what you do. I speak from personal experience.
  17. I was personally in a situation in which there was a battle between two people above me, and one of them liked me and the other treated me worse than any boss has ever treated me. When this guy won the political battle against the other senior member, the environment became truly abusive. Jose steps into a similar scenario. Some of the major figures at Man United openly oppose his appointment. It might not even have been about him but rather about an unrelated battle between them and he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is being used as a political pawn. Jose's job w
  18. Taking a 100k per week pay cut isn't a big deal when you're making 150k. Or at least it shouldn't be if you have common sense in terms of personal finance. I think he was on 150k before, so this would bring him down to 50-60 which is very reasonable and appropriate in my opinion. I'm thrilled that he and the board were able to both see it that way. How far along is he in his UEFA coaching badges? It takes 5 years to complete all the levels.
  19. Nurturing is a good way to describe it. So many youth players have testified to his genuinely caring about their development.
  20. Ruben gets such preferential treatment from Chelsea fans. If any other unestablished player (Pato, Miazga, etc) showed that lack of urgency, fans would be almost unanimously ranting about them and complaining that they got too much playing time not to mention an excessive contract. I'm not saying fans are wrong. Academy players should get some degree of preferential treatment. Look at this clip. https://streamable.com/w70v If his attitude during the matches reflects his attitude during training, then I'm surprised Guus gave him as much as he did, and Conte will likely not be as generous.
  21. He got way more than he would have under Jose. And arguably more than he should have based on performance and effort. Among our youth players, RLC "deserved" less than Traore and maybe even Kenedy. The other two were underplayed, not Ruben.
  22. Sounds like a very reasonable offer if the reports are correct (a major if). I'll be disappointed in JT if he thinks this is below him.
  23. I seem to be in the minority thinking that Cahill played quite well for us overall this season and saved some important goals that I thought were destined to go in.
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