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  1. Well if he's healthy. It would be fine to me and most football fans to give him one token start even if he's in crutches, but I think giving him 2 starts is over the top. Nothing wrong with having the two share 10th place. Both are/were great players. Sylvain Distan could overtake them next year. How is that guy still running? He turns 39 this year. If JT stays another year as he deserves and starts 28 games, he can overtake Jamie Carragher, Sol Campbell and Rio Ferdinand to jump to 7th place. Then there's a big gap to Mark Schwarzer in 6th.
  2. Just learned that JT needs one more start to move into the top 10 for all time PL starts. He would be tied with Steven Gerrard, a fitting stat for two one-club legends to share. Please make it happen Guus. Even if he can't run and you have to sub him off after a minute.
  3. You may be right. I don't know how reliable the £65,000 figure that I heard is. I thought it was from someone close to Ruben but upon looking into it further it doesn't seem to have been. Roman is a shrewd businessman so it's probably not that much. Like you said, if it were true it might be the potential maximum after many essentially impossible bonuses (e.g. winning both the PFA award and Ballon d'Or). £40,000 guaranteed would still be too high for him in my opinion.
  4. I think Thibaut has given himself less room for forgiveness because of the way he demanded that he play over Cech (not merely compete for the spot). When you do that to a club legend and one of the greatest PL goalkeepers of his era, the fans have reason to not forgive you as readily for mistakes. His comments in recent times haven't helped in that regard either.
  5. If his agent was making sincere noises about other clubs with Ruben's blessing, then I'm disappointed in Ruben. I could understand him asking for a loan if he didn't get more playing time, but I'd expect him to sign a contract with us. A lot of times agents say things without the player telling them to, and a lot of times they play the "he's considering other clubs" line as posturing without being serious about it, so it's hard to say where Ruben's heart was. I don't understand why the club gave him 65,000 a week. That's similar to Willian and Azpilicueta. Frankly Ruben hasn't shown himse
  6. Drive and determination are difficult to predict. We see it go both ways not just with players but with people in our personal lives. No one would have predicted that when my mother and aunt were young adults that my mother would have been the one with the drive later in her life. I'm not expecting him to be a superstar goal scoring machine, and that's okay. My hope is that he'll have a solid career as a one club player and be a good role model and leader for our next generation of academy players.
  7. You don't want to increase the risk of injury. So many things are decided these days according to sports science. I'm pretty sure science would say that their bodies need the break.
  8. What a morale booster that must have been for our boys! Future England U[age] coach? Brad Friedel is coaching the USA U19 team while working toward his coaching badges.
  9. I've been pretty harsh on him and am thrilled to see that he's giving me and other critics less and less reason to be hard on him. Guus has done a good job developing him and rewarding him for showing improvement. It was a great move by Guus when Ruben asked to be subbed off but Guus refused to do so. I hope that rather than going to the beach for a month that he stays behind and works with the fitness coaches. Sacrificing his holiday this year could really pay off in the long run.
  10. Totally agree. I can't understand why some people want us to sell Willian. Personally I think Willian has earned the privilege to choose whether to stay out go. If he chooses to go, fans should not hold that against him. I hope he stays, but I wouldn't begrudge him requesting a transfer either. It's pretty unpleasant being in a workplace with a bunch of colleagues who can't care less.
  11. Yeah and my hunch is that first team coach isn't where he can make the biggest contribution. Even if JT is a fantastic first team coach, there will be others who could do as good a job. But there is no one in the world who could do as good a job heading the academy as JT could. Plus mentoring youth seems to be his passion and calling.
  12. As Pochettino said emphatically in an interview, he's the head coach not the manager. Pochettino isn't in charge of transfers and spending. I wouldn't be surprised if he has no official power at all (i.e. his contract doesn't mention it, and any influence he has is unofficial and at the discretion of the owner/chairman/board/director). Our board seems to have adopted Tottenham's model which by the way is the dominant model in Germany and Italy. Everyone is talking about Conte as if he will be manager, but his job title is head coach, a no doubt deliberate choice of words. If our summer activ
  13. Begovic is one lucky bar steward. Was en route to being stuck on the bench like Cech. Instead he got to play after Courtois's red card early in the season, then played for a few months with Courtois's injury, and now he'll get the next game due to another red card. The crazy thing is that he arguably should have gotten to play even more.
  14. That's what I thought at first, but upon more thought I wouldn't want that to happen. I never want JT to be in a position in which fans are calling for him to be sacked and the board carries through on that. He should be offered a job that he can reasonably expect he will be able to hold for as long as he wants.
  15. On the other hand, he has more room for error. As long as he gets a European spot, it'll be considered satisfactory by most fans. He doesn't have pressure to finish at the very top.
  16. Wouldn't that lower his wages?
  17. You may be thinking of Donna Rummer, the singer known for classic songs such as "Dim all the boards" Dim all the boards sweet darling Cause tonight's a shameful loss Take off the sub par players Who can not head a cross "St James Park" At St James Park they're crying All the PL wishes flowing down Someone left a ball out in the rain I don't think that they can kick it Which means a one way ticket To the Championship Oh no....
  18. As I get the impression that NO ONE loves Chelsea as much as JT, I would be shocked if he doesn't return to the club after his playing career. Where do you see him in the club's future? A lot of people are saying manager, but I'm not sure I want to see JT there because of our record (which is definitely not unique in football these days) of sacking managers quickly. Even if JT is an excellent manager, which I expect he will be, he'll still inevitability get sacked. It was really sad to see Garry Monk go through that at Swansea, so I'm worried about JT being manager. Academy director perhap
  19. The way the club disposed of Lampard was shameful. They weren't willing to offer a contract even though Lampard told them he would take a much reduced salary. Some nonsense about "moving on". While I've always held this view, I haven't gotten really worked up about it until now with this discussion of testimonial games. Stoke are giving Andy Wilkinson a testimonial game shortly after the last game of the season. West Ham recently gave Mark Noble a testimonial. In both cases many former prominent players were/are playing, allowing the fans to express their appreciation of not just the testi
  20. The thought of such a game sends chills down my spine! I think we have enough legends that we could field more than one side. Perhaps play a two leg testimonial against another club doing a testimonial. That way we can play all the legends. If any players played for both clubs, they could play one leg for one club and the next leg for the other club. What a wonderful gesture this would be for both the players and the fans. Outstanding public relations as well. Perhaps they could have one testimonial match every 10 years for all the legends who have retired during that time. Testimonials for on
  21. That's my thought too. Achilles tendon injuries are the absolute worst. I can't think of an athlete that has really fully recovered from one albeit it sounds minor rather than a classic career ending Achilles tendon rupture. What about a testimonial game?
  22. I don't know about Jose's training methods and things like that. What I know, because he did it publicly, is that when there was a dip, he blamed others. He even blamed the medical staff ffs. If he was doing that very publicly, he was probably blaming others to an even greater degree behind closed doors. If he had changed his management style to be more supportive and positive, the dip might have been limited to a game or two. Instead he did the opposite, becoming more stubborn and more accusatory as things spiraled out of control.
  23. I have a feeling Guus wouldn't want that position. It sounds like a pretty unpleasant job, having to deal with all those agents. He's going to be 70 this year, so he understandably wants to enjoy retirement and only take a low key position with little responsibility. Maybe he could hang a sign outside his office that says "Free hugs inside", though with Conte's reputation that might make him rather busy!
  24. They've really been nasty to him. The FA too, and I think part of it is due to media pressure. The two game ban was a disgrace. The media widely reported his alleged bite, but Gareth Barry saying that Costa didn't bite him got much less coverage. The majority of people who watched the game or heard about the bite probably don't even know that there was no bite. Credit to Barry for exonerating Diego. Too bad he seems to have annoyed the media and FA by doing that. I also think Costa is a victim of his looks. In this looks obsessed culture, he is automatically at a disadvantage. Let's face it, h
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