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  1. An exciting turn of events in the race for top four is perhaps a good enough reason to post again after a long time. I feel that Chelsea throw too many bodies forward in attack. That's an advantage because you have a wide range of players who can score or assist, and also a disadvantage given the number of times you leave yourselves open on the counter. That's what cost you with West Ham today, along with poor decision making from your center backs. But you look threatening when on the front foot - Pulisic in particular looks really special. Overall, though, I think quite highly of Lampard's style of play. His selections are a bit bizarre at times, but he's definitely promoted young players with confidence and got Chelsea playing some very good football (at least going forward). It is only going to get better with someone of Werner's quality coming in to lead the attacks. Given the proper backing, especially in defence, you could have a better squad than Liverpool. United are playing with all first XI players fit after almost nine months, and our quality is showing now, I feel. But we don't have a right winger and our full backs aren't really good going forward. Maguire and Lindelof have kept a lot of clean sheets but one is extremely slow and the other is very weak in the air and in physical battles. The biggest problem for us at United is that our back ups are of extremely mediocre quality. James, Pereira and Lingard who on their best days wouldn't start for any top six club have had too much gametime this season. We're one injury to Pogba, Bruno, Martial or Rashford away from unravelling into mediocrity. I lurk here to read Chelsea fan opinions, and I see that you're worried about Liverpool and Wolves games. As an opposition fan, I think the Palace and Sheffield United games might be bigger banana skins.
  2. For Chelsea? Azpi would be a great shout. He can play anywhere in that defence, I'd be surprised if he wasn't half decent as a keeper.
  3. United Fan from RedCafe here. Haven't posted here in a while, but was thinking I should. Not because Rashford scored a wonder goal, but because I like the football you folks are playing so far. You move the ball quickly, you play with youth and you always look to attack. Quick transitions (usually) to the wings, and there's always a man at multiple places to attack the goal - near post/farpost/edge of the box. Tammy is being managed very well, as is Mount/Tomori. I think the future is bright for Chelsea under Lampard. The full back James seems like a real talent. As for the game itself, I'll admit to two things - one, Rashford never gets those Ronaldo-esque knuckleballs on target (neither does Ronaldo) and two, we had the slice of luck from reffing decisions. It was a close game, and little margins like that change everything. McT was imperious for us, though, as was young Brandon Williams. However, I hope you are aware that Chelsea didn't create a lot of chances either, whatever the reasons may be. In the first half at least, we man marked you out of your game plan. Towards the end of the second half, by the time we shifted to a back 4 and started leaving spaces, you seem tired. I loved it when Ole and Lampard were having a laugh towards the end - classy folks both of them. Ole may or may not be with us for the next league game against you folks (he'll need a brilliant run of results again to save himself the job and us fans from the drama of another managerial merry-go-round) but that was definitely a welcome change after Mourinho's cold relation with Conte.
  4. I'm very glad to see the rest of the forum doesn't agree with your views at all. That's a shameful way to address your most successful manager ever. Even poor posters at RAWK have more class than this - this is Bluemoon-towards-United levels of hatred. Get a grip. As for Jose's falling-out tendency, I believe things will be different at Manchester United. At United, the manager has always been given full reign and control over ... well, everything. 1) SAF fell out with Beckham - he was sold to RM. Fell out with Stam - gone. Fell out with Keane - kicked out. The list with SAF is endless. 2) Moyes was allowed to clear out the entire backroom staff, take care of youth academy, change training methods. SAF, whose influence still loomed large wanted Rooney to sold to your folks at Stamford Bridge - but Moyes was allowed to override that and hand him the silly contract that every football fan and his dog now knows of. 3) LVG kicked out the likes of RVP, Nani, Rafael and co. All fan favourites, all SAF favourites. He was allowed to do that. He changed the entire style of football - he was allowed to do that, till the day poor results got him sacked. And most notably, when Di Maria fell out with LVG, it was the player who got the boot, not the manager. When wonderboy Januzaj was dropped, no one apart from LVG was in support of it. He was still allowed to do that. So if Mourinho falls out with top players, or creates a toxic environment - everything will be done to ensure that he is comfortable again. We don't have a DoF (yet, I don't know about these rumours about Monchi) , and our CEO is not a football man. Players will be sold, staff will be released, fan favourites will be ignored. Even if the results are not favourable, the manager will be given a lot of time to set things right (something that has never been afforded to Mourinho either at RM or at Chelsea). At United, the manager dictates it all - and that is probably one of the reasons why Mourinho always wanted the seat, and why he may actually succeed in establishing a dynasty at Old Trafford, again. Time will tell, let's see.
  5. This Mourinho-intentionally-f**ked-up-to-join-United is sheer bullsh*t. He failed because of the toxic environment he created, his meltdowns, the marginalization of JT, his other key players not being arsed to take initiative, his squad not believing in his methods anymore, and because of other teams who smelled blood and upped their games against you lot. </topic> As for Red Cafe flipping opinions on him - well, yeah. Quite a few have turned from laughing at him during your disastrous season to being overjoyed by his arrival. We always wanted him to be the man to succeed at United. He never made a personal attempt to hide his admiration for the club, either. It's just that the ones who called him names and gloated in his fall early on are now celebrating in relief more than anything else. Plus, there is a section of footie fans at all clubs who are always fickle. There's the disappointed lot, too - folks who wanted anyone but Mourinho. And then there's the cautious ones like me - who believe that though he'll bring success, the club might pay a price for it. As has been said here before - there is a rebuilding job at United, the likes of which he hasn't undertaken before. Let's see what he brings. And yes, always looked like he wanted to be the man to succeed SAF at United. It's surprising it wasn't evident to some on here much earlier.
  6. Where did the 60m report from? He is not being talked about at all on the United forums. Chelsea supporters might argue that 60m is more than a good deal for him, but for United - he's worth that fee. Not just for the player he is, but for the balance he brings to the team. We have been crying out loud for a proper top-class right winger - any right winger, actually. Lingard and Mata are not the answer. Add his pace, set piece skills, and defensive abilities - and he's a perfect missing piece of the jigsaw.

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