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  1. I wanted to compare minutes played by different players at both Chelsea and for us after the break, some interesting results: Maguire Bruno Rashford Lindelof AWB Martial Greenwood Pogba Matic Shaw Williams McTominay Fred Ighalo James Rest Spurs 90 90 90 78
  2. Tired legs showing for both United and Chelsea, though at least your game was entertaining. A team on confidence always seems like it is outperforming xG, and a team in a bad run seems to underperform. Liverpool scored some screamers and were having fun while Chelsea were under pressure to catch up at Anfield. That Pulisic is some player, though. There were rumours he was a United fan once, no idea how the Glazers didn't capitalize on the American market there. Anyways, your Hazard replacement is sorted, if he can stay fit consistently. He looked unstoppable yesterday.
  3. If you get Kai Havertz over the line, that may be your best transfer since Hazard. 80m is peanuts for his talent, and I can't believe no other club is challenging you for him. You'll score lots of goals going forward next season.
  4. In early December, it felt like it was a matter of days when Poch would be announced. We were closer to relegation than to Liverpool. Then Ole pulled out a string of results out of nowhere that bought him some time. In January again, after losses to Watford and Burnley, it felt like he would be gone by season end - good manager, but not good enough for Man United. Then we signed Bruno, and went on a 19 game unbeated run that you lot ended today where we scored 50 goals and conceded only 8 (2 of them were DDG howlers, again). This was the first time we had our best XI fit and playing toge
  5. Pogba is the sort of player who makes good teams look absolutely great - not the kind who will single handedly lead and inspire his team to results by himself. Today the team was having an off day, and there wasn't much movement up front, so he started complicating things and sulking when he didn't pull off ambitious turns or lofty passes. This is in contrast to Bruno's attitude who kept finding good passes, ran his socks off and was committed till the last moment. On a good day, Pogba will make us unbeatable - on a bad day he will need to be carried by rest of the midfield. I don't thi
  6. If it was outside the box, yep - not a penalty. It was still a foul nonetheless, I feel.
  7. Nah, you should give Chelsea a bit more credit than that. Sure, De Gea f**ked up routine saves, but there weren't many saves that Caballero had to make either. When Pogba came on in the second half, I expected things to turn in our favour the moment him and Bruno started linking up - but there wasn't much movement or space to pass to, and that's to Chelsea's credit. We were still defending way more than we were attacking, and your wingbacks just pegged the whole team back by 20 yards with their movement and possession. Ole didnt have a plan B once Bailly went off, and that's because Lamp
  8. Never posted here after a loss to Chelsea - hope this doesn't become a regular thing. 😐 The better team won today - no doubt. We were tired and had 2 days less rest than Chelsea, and the correct approach was to high press the hell out of United, which we're tactically susceptible to anyways. You had the ball in better areas and took more initiative. You also pushed your wingbacks so high up the pitch that Rashford had to keep dropping back in the whole first half, which took away the only threat we had going forward. Bruno was good but he had no one to pass out to. Lampard clearly watched
  9. Ole will rotate, but don't expect a Liverpool-esque B team from United because one - we dont have a B team and two - Ole wants to win silverware more than he wants to qualify for top four. We're not Arsenal, after all. I think at least 5 players from today's lineup will feature, we'll be counting on the extra subs to keep them fresh. This is the most rotated side you will see in all probability, chances are Martial and AWB might also feature to trouble your unsettled defence and to try and keep Pulisic quiet. Romero TFM - Bailly - Maguire - Williams McTominay-Fred Bruno Greenwood-
  10. I think VAR has been terribly implemented in the PL in general, and I won't deny that United have feen at the favourable end more often than not, as the stats show: https://www.espn.in/football/english-premier-league/story/3929823/how-var-decisions-have-affected-every-premier-league-club This table, of course, isn't really taking decisions where VAR didn't get involved in the first place into account - quite recently the TAA stamp and Romeu's stamp come to mind (both red cards), but it more or less shows how sides like Wolves and Sheffield united have been hard done by. We have no id
  11. I would defeinitely take our position of injuries over a transfer ban, yes. We'd be an absolute mess if we did not have Maguire, AWB or Bruno. At one point in Decemeber, we were wondering if we could actually get relegated - if Bruno hadn't come around to save Ole's skin, he might not have survived with Poch available. Ole could have done better with the squad he had, yes, and again, Lampard has done very well relatively, of course. I don't think many United fans truly expect us to challenge for a title anytime soon - there's a long way to go and even we're skeptical if Ole's the man for it. H
  12. It wasn't pretty to watch, but unlike us against Southampton, Chelsea got the job done. Thanks for putting the pressure back on us again. 😅 Willian is so unpredictable from a neutral perspective. Some days it feels like he's carrying your attack, but in some games I wonder what he offers. Similarly with Giroud - his highlight reel will be better than Van Persie's, but he goes invisible half the time and then suddenly comes up with lovely flicks, finishes and backheel layoffs.
  13. I cannot comment on the w**kfest. Every club has an irritating section of gloaters who think their club is the second coming of Pep's Barcelona after winning a game or two. United has more fans than most clubs, so it follows that there will be more gloaters and irritating fans. If you're pissed, it's probably rightly so. We're definitely better than the surprsingly smug folks over at Foxestalk or the cringey clusterfeck that is RAWK, but those are very low standards. Also, yes, we have had years of transition and yes we are the second highest spending club after Man City since SAF left. B
  14. I don't think anyone is denying Lampard any credit. I'm on RedCafe as well, and he's pretty highly rated by quite a few. His ability to organise a defence is under question, but he doesn't have his players yet. Ole is doing a very good job at United considering that we have far lesser squad depth than Chelsea and have had Pogba, Martial and Rashford miss huge parts of the season. There is a sense of unity about the team, and we try to play attractive attacking football. It remains to be seen if he can win silverware with us, but he's definitely the correct man for our transition into a s
  15. Well, that was disappointing. Feels like every single time we have had a chance to break into the top four, the team collectively sh*ts the bed. The mentality to thrive under pressure is still missing at United. The starting XI is absolutely knackered for us, and it is starting to show. We can't do much about it because despite all the money we've spent, we have no squad depth at all. That's the reason Pogba missing for 6 months derails our season, or Martial being out for two months dries up our goals or Rashford being out of form makes us look toothless. Today it was both Pogba a
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