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  1. Very Much Disjointed, Only Really Ruben Trying To Take On A Man Or Two, No-One Else
  2. Jesus Our Play Has Been So Slow, We Need To Pick Up The Pace Whenever We Have The Ball
  3. Only Bad Thing With Ziyech And Havertz Playing, Both Like It To Their Feet And Don't Often Run Into Space
  4. Kovacic Being Very Lax With His Passing, That's A Few Times Now They've Countered On Us Now
  5. Thought That Gil Bloke Was Someone They Picked Up From Soccer Aid
  6. Get Touch From Dier, That's Why Nuno Picks You😂😂
  7. Kante Playing Further Forward Or We Now Playing A 5-3-2 Essentially?
  8. There's Too Much Of A Gap Between Our Front 3 And Anyone Else On Our Team
  9. Anyone Got One Haha, Over The Ladies And She Ain't Got Sky Sports
  10. Kepa Will Never Be Outdone, You Can't Stay On Before A Penalty Shootout If Kepa Wants To Come On
  11. Well 5 Minutes Later He Pops Up And Scores Haha
  12. Ziyech Not Really In The Game, But It's Tough With Him, Havertz And Werner Coming Short Sometimes
  13. Any Links, I'm Over My Girls And She Ain't Got No Sports Channels😂😂
  14. Crawled Over The Line With Help From Our Bitter Rivals
  15. Only Thing Worse Than Our Performance Was The Performance Of The Ref And We Were sh*t
  16. Grealish Getting Lessons From LeBron James I See
  17. Surprised The Ref Didn't Give A Yellow Or Even A Red For That Tackle On Grealish, Easily Could Of Took Him Out Of The Euro's🙄🙄
  18. So Let's Give Grealish A Warning For His Warning For His Previous Warning
  19. 2 Passes Towards Him, Neither Actually Got Close To Him
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