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  1. Giroud's Link Up Play Is In A Different League To Tammy's Though
  2. Last Few Minutes Much Better, Quicker Passing And Look What Happens
  3. Is Azpi Taking Precautions By Having His Wrist Wrapped Up Before Suarez Tries Something? Jokes
  4. We All Know Werner Isn't Great Up Top On His Own, Why Keep Him There, Ziyech Did Nothing, Should Of Brought Oli On With Werner Up Top
  5. Callum Has Been Poor, Then With Mason, Stood Still For 2 Seconds Then Thought Oooo I'll Make A Run Then Stop
  6. Absolute Shambles, You Have 3 At The Back And You Get Beat Down The Middle, That Should Never Happen
  7. I Just Hope Havertz Isn't 100% Fit, I Know Some People Say He's Been sh*t, But, He's Shown Glimpses Of What He Can Offer
  8. Great Run By Werner, Giroud Right Place Waiting For The Clearance To Pop It In
  9. How Could Werner Of Taken A Touch When He Had To Jump To Latch On To The Ball Then
  10. Well I Don't Think You'd Play An Injured Player Would You
  11. Pulisic Dropping Deep Brought The 2 Defenders Which Gave James The Space, But Great Pass And Weight From Gilmore
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