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  1. I think its mostly down to him not having much confidence in our 2 strikers, for me i think he needs to be given more control on players brought in
  2. My saying is, "never underestimate the chels" time and time again we prove people wrong with odd results, i personally think there's every chance of going there and getting 3 points, yes man city are great going forward but so can we be aswell and i still dont rate there back line its as weak as liverfools, we brush ourselves down and go again sunday #inconteitrust#keepthefaith
  3. Get in you BEAUTYYYYY
  4. That is true mate, but what ever happens weather we finish 4th or 5th my view is we have to stick with conte and give him more control, thats my view
  5. Think the lads will be up for it especially as its against the not so special one
  6. I think cahill has had his time its time for him to make way, think we need to get kaubouli in summer to strengthen back line up, and hazard will destroy utd if given free role in behind morata
  7. Come on the chels, ohhhhh when the bluessss go steaming innnn
  8. Cannot wait for this game i think this is goin to be an open attacking game Courtois Dave, rud, christ Moses kante drinky emerson Willian morata eden
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    I cudnt remember my password for this site mate, if i put forgotten password it wud have gone to my old email address and i also contacted the people my email address was with and they were a waste of time in terms of getting me back into it, ended up having to change email address on few things now, tbh what i should do is actually write my passwords down in something so dont forget them as i forget passwords on a regular [emoji85]
  10. denzelhyatt4

    How does it all work!!

    Oh well i will have to post any tkts i have in here then lol
  11. denzelhyatt4

    How does it all work!!

    I have been a member for over a year but had to make new account up after being locked out my old email account, how long is it till can post on tkt part when i have spare tkts or want tkts?
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    Hiya, been a member ages but had to do new account got locked out my old email account [emoji85]
  13. denzelhyatt4

    How does it all work!!

    2-3 forums or threads wateva there called lol, ive been joined on here for over a year but got locked out my old email account so had to sign up again with new email
  14. denzelhyatt4

    How does it all work!!

    I still havent managed to work out how to post on diff pages it says im not allowed to for some reason? Will it be because i changed my email address so thinks im new? And how does the donations to help run these forums work??? Any help on this will be much appreciated!!
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    Hi everyone Been on here for a while now, looking forward to the big game tomoz, antonioooooo