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  1. Yesterday was probably the perfect scenario for almost everyone except maybe Atalanta. United won so ole and united owner n fans were happy. Cr7 scored winner, he was happy. Because they won, united will continue building around cr7 and ole will still be the manager which make all united rival happy.
  2. No thanks, if you need explanations why older eden hazard will decline fast then you must have been a very2 recent Chelsea fans
  3. A lot of people want to focus on formation but I am pretty sure if we sign prime cesc or prime messi, nobody will ever criticize Tuchel "defensive" tactic.
  4. If you provide him with no service, you will also complain about Haaland.
  5. Why Kante scored more? It is the same answer as why Mount scored more under Tuchel or why wijnaldum score more in Newcastle then in pool.
  6. Conte and Sarri both like circuit football but Conte circuit football is far more complete. Sarri football on the other hand is just too strict for top level footballer. In Hazard era, it was all about Hazard. Every managers buit their team around him because he was by far our best player. The problem with Hazard was the guy could take season off. So it was pretty much good season followed by bad sesson and the pattern continued. Hence the team performance kinda followed the same pattern.
  7. For me I like the 3cb. It suit our cb plus we can cope defensively without Kante (to some degree). If we have another midfield that can actually defend then back 4 can be a good option until then I like back 5. Offensively, I will play Mount and Lukaku as my staple and rotate Havertz, Werner depending on the matchup. The shape can be Fw - Fw Am Or Fw - Fw - fw Again depending on our opp.
  8. 343 vs 4231 defensively of course will look completely different. The question is will they look different offensively. The answers really depend on the manager but 343 and 433 can look exactly the same except maybe in transition. It all depend on what the manager want. Formation is more about your defensive structure rather than offensive. Now back with 4231 magic, Lukaku Mount - Havertz - Werner This is what people want. Forget offensively, that is easy now how do you want to defend? With werner you can't ask him to track back. We have seen this under Lamp, it is like what is the point. You are asking player whose strength is in transition to not get involved in transition.So you need Mount to really defend like Willian to compensate, plus I haven't talked about what our midfield need to do. Odoi is better as lw than rwb. Thiago Silva is better at cb than st. What that have to do with formation?
  9. Sarri played something called circuit football. You basically played with certain pattern, that was why we looked very2 good early and once team understood our pattern it was so easy to defend and we were playing snoozefest football. There is a reason why Sarri struggled big time with us and Juventus. It is easy to give strict instructions to middle tier player but you can't give strict instructions to top players.
  10. I don't think saying Salah is the best player at the moment is a stretch. Who is better than him?
  11. I think our defense is better without Lukaku at the same time I don't believe our defense can be as good as last season. Last season due to covid ball, pretty much all team played below their optimal level plus without crowd away game was so much easier.
  12. 343,433 or whatever is more about how do you want to defend. You can pick any of 343,433,4231 and you can attack exactly the same way. The key is more how do you want to attack and who do you pick. 343 with Hazard - Costa - Pedro is completely different than 343 with Mount - Lukaku - Havertz
  13. If you want to understand what formation truly is, just read thread above
  14. If some of you think going to 4231 solve everything, you just need to watch United.
  15. Our offense under Sarri was horrific, slow, sterile possession until Hazard decide it is time to play football and if we concede first we almost always lose
  16. Our defense has imo been the best defense in pl since Tuchel took over. Saying your cb is better is basically empty talk. It doesn't mean anything. Pool fron has been arguably the best front 3 in pl but City has outscored them pretty much every season.
  17. It is beyond ridiculous. United is absolute shambles. United best midfield is Fred + mctominay. It made 0 sense but if your front 4 do not want to defend at all, that is what happen. Our midfield without Kante is not great but our front 4 want to defend and we have 5 the back to cover
  18. Ferran Torres has been playing st for them and Guardiola want to sign kane. If you want to play false 9,Bruno can't play as no 10. Ronaldo basically force Bruno and sancho to play as st.
  19. Nah I don't care from political point of view,but from footballing point of view this united team was better last year.
  20. He always been slow but right now he is being tasked to defend with 0 support from the front 4. None of them want to track back, this is just crazy football
  21. Ronaldo make an imbalance United become an absolute mess, He kinda force you to play another st, imagine if you have to play Cavani and Ronaldo and you certainly has to play bruno. That means there is one spot left for greenwood, Sancho, Rashford and Pogba. That is just crazy
  22. United is absolutely horrendous. Defensively they are just nowhere, it is so easy to bypass united midfield (it is pogba and 200 years old Matic, plus upfront nobody want to defend). It was basically open season for Madison and Tieldmans. Offensively, now I understand why Juventus play Ronaldo with higuain or Morata and why he need to play with benz in Madrid. He is not a cf.
  23. You can't defend with just 6 players. 7 is already very2 difficult. 7 + 1 is usually the bare minimum for good defense. So on paper you push Werner and Lukaku high and you ask Havertz to be the +1 and that mean Mount need to be Willian which is asking too much out of Mount
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