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  1. In general under Tuchel we haven't played with a 9 or with some kind of reference point.
  2. Probably not good enough as main threat but fantastic as extra box threat.
  3. You want alonso for his height and box threat. You don't want alonso when you play tricky winger or need speed on the wing.
  4. It really depend on what is the plan going forward, you really don't want to end up with Bakayoko/Jorginho situation.
  5. Tbf Jorginho have been playing very2 well for pretty much all game that I watched post his MotM against wba. Mount playing deeper is actually an idea that intrigue me many time and I am surprised it didn't work out pretty much everytime we tried it under Tuchel. There are so many people who said Havertz should play as 9 but you are right it has been a toss up this season.
  6. Tuchel thought said he made too many changes which is weird. Kante was dealing with injury, he said Rudiger need a rest, same with werner. So I don't think we made too many changes though, probably only Gilmour and kepa who were not regular. Zouma was always going to be a problem as lcb, he always look uncomfortable using his left foot.
  7. Giroud hasn't played in weeks or months CHO and Reece had very2 good combination under Lamp but it wasn't effective. I much rather cho play in reece position and we drop azpi
  8. I am really not sure about the correct rule but it was just a bizarre
  9. Because that wasn't normal backpass. It was pretty much denial of goal scoring opportunity
  10. I don't think you can safe goal bound backpass with your hand. It was red card + penalty offense
  11. I don't think so. Rebuilding is about setting direction on the team then sign or promoting player that fit what you are trying to do. It is not just signing good players because what you want is a cohesive team that play better than the sum of its part. Throughout the season we have massive balance problem. Lamp tinkered the team many2 times and he struggled to find good balance. Tuchel came in and pretty much fixed our problem by playing only 3 attackers and 5 man defense. I don't think this team is designed to play 343 but it is what is working.
  12. I was absolutely against his appt. You'll never know how it will end up but all the odds were against Lamp. It was basically rookie manager being tasked to rebuild title contending team.
  13. For me the problem Lamp this season was I felt like he was trying too hard to make puli, Ziyech, Havertz and Werner to work. Either he was being pressured from above or he felt like they were his signing. He was far more conservative last season and earlier this season. It really baffled me.
  14. This. I was against lamp sacking but I am not crazy. After 4/5 games it was so obvious that Tuchel was the better manager. Funnily with Lamp I didn't want Lamp to get the job in the 1st place. I didn't think he was ready, I much rather he come here after successful stints elsewhere or at least when we have a ready title winning squad for him. Not like last season where we were in massive rebuilding mode and Lampard had only litte experience.
  15. I don't think too early is the problem. If you have just been promoted to pl and you try to play football, you better be very2 good aka Bielsa I have never watched Fulham play until they played us couple weeks ago, I though they have good player but they were way too open. It was similar to Norwich last season, I predicted them to be one of the relegated teams in their 1st game against pool, it was crazy.
  16. I honestly don't care about finishing 2nd. We have fa cup n cl final coming up. Just get to top 4 and don't get injured
  17. I don't understand your argument because what you are trying to say to me is that city b team is very2 good. Not once I said that they are not good. This is basically your argument A:Foden - KDB - Mharez B:sterling-Aguero -Jesus B is very2 good and probably can start week in week out for most teams. I absolutely agree 100%. But my point is A is clearly better than B and we faced B not A.
  18. I am quite surprised that this is even a debate. If you analyze city's team, you can divide their attack into 3 part Left :gundo+foden Middle :kdb Right :silva+mahrez The right side didn't play in the two games. KDB played only in 1st half of fa cup.Gundo and foden played in the 2nd half in the two games. So pretty much we faced only one of out those three threats at any one time. Somebody said but we also didn't play our best team, this is completely irrelevant. It does not matter if you say our b team is better than their b team. We and city will 100
  19. City best lineup Foden - KDB - Mahrez Gundo - B Silva Fernadinho Zinchenko/Cancelo - cb - cb - Walker So pretty much everyone
  20. It is more than who want it more. Pep played his b team twice against us.
  21. Because City is actually pretty gold and we beat city b team twice
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