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  1. "I have Hope's in Werner..He may come good.. I know it isnt easy but wish we got Haaland to partner Werner.. Anyway if 3 at the back is here to stay we have Ziyech, Pulisic, Mount, Werner, Havertz, Giroud, Tammy for 3 attacker slots.. I am counting CHO as RWB.." I think if we sell Kante and Jorginho, Mount could slide into that right center mid slot. I think he could fill Kantes role, but add a bit of a longer pass, and the ability to step up and hit a shot from the MF, which we lack in Jorginho, Kante, and Kovacic
  2. "I think we were lucky with this Odoi penalty incidence. I think it's a clear penalty. How can a defender handle the ball in the box like that and it's not a penalty. I think he handled it before Greenwood. The only thing Hudson Odoi can say is that Greenwood pushed his hand to the ball." Simple, because Greenwood's arm lifted his hand up towards the ball.
  3. What gets lost on Alonso and Jorginho is they both have such a clean first touch, I love how often he handles bad passes and turns them into good situations. He was my MotM, I was the only one, but most of our best build up play went through him, the cross to Mount - that Mount couldn't decide wether to recross or shoot ,and the cross for OG's goal were both nice, and I think comparing him to CHO yesterday shows how efficient Alonso is, while CHO is faster, he's hard to pass to, Alonso makes clean runs with a clean first touch, CHO shows a run and then changes it slightly and thus gets some "bad" balls played to him. Alonso is very decisive. His cross in the 26th minute wasn't far off Giroud either.
  4. CHO's done well with the ball, but his runs off are pretty poor.
  5. We weren't really structured under FL. We have vets that prefer playing with structure on the team, it's fine to pass them by if team is winning.
  6. Think he's playing an interesting combo of Conte and Sarri so far. I've enjoyed, that we still build like Sarri, with a nice tempo, but have some of the final third play of Conte in the 3-4-2-1. Our 3-4-2-1 selections etc, looks to me to be a rotated 4-3-3 when he starts, Dave as right back tucks in, pushes the two centers two the left and the left back up the field, with CHO would be a right winger pulling back. In a way it seems designed to be asymmetrical, as Dave still pushes forward more than Rudiger. Also worth mentioning and watching is primarily he has played one attacking winger and one outside back as the wing backs, but has the flexibility two go two outside defenders or two wingers in that role really changing our style. Just odd to think the Pulisic and Alonso have already played the same position so far in his tenure. I think all of these early wide balls and switches we've been getting will really open up the middle once our players get a touch more comfortable in this system. Also seems very flexible to simply rotate into a 4-2-3-1 at points without any real personnel changes. Any other thoughts?
  7. Thiago Silva my MotM again. Loved watching CHO go after people, but not sure who else could do what Silva's doing. He's the only guy that you can't replace to how we are playing.
  8. I just don't get the critism of any of our 5 who were back in the buildup yesterday. We had the ball the whole game we constantly found wingers with space. The game bogged down with Chillwell. It may not be his fault, but he doesn't really take playes on well. If we had the same thing on the left as we did on the right with CHO the whole match, we would have run away with it.
  9. "Okay, folk can argue that Lamps played them out of their natural position and it's a valid point but only goes so far. If you have a top quality player, sure he will do best in his favoured position, but if he's really any good, he will be able to show his quality wherever he plays in other areas of the pitch. Not the case with Havertz and Werner. Bar one or two moments earlier in the season, both have been embarrassingly bad. " Not only out of position, but out of style. And if this is true, why did so many bemoan Sarri's use of Kante, it took Kante half of a season to adjust to Sarri's style. What about when Sarri tried Eden as a false 9. he showed up maybe 1 game. Our two best chances to win it were both Havertz involved, his pass to Chillwell and his header, both were quality. If you swapped the jersey's and said his name was Mount, most fans here would have been calling him MOtM.
  10. "On that point if we look back, how many managers would have taken the job with a side needing rebuilding and no a transfer ban? I don't recall many if any other names being in the frame." Many would take it looking to prove something, but none of the top ones. It's hard for anyone to base their reputation on a season without much input. For someone in Frank's shoes though it helps. He's probably in a better spot to take a job with a bottom half premier league club next year, than he was before working with us. He needs more work on the tactics of when he's got the better squad.
  11. 1 Thiago Silva, looked super smooth at times 2 CHO 3 Kovacic. To be honest I thought most played fairly well, Chillwell was the black hole of our attack today, he was a 4 for me, and thought Giroud really struggled today, he was a 5. Chillwell's weaknesses really showed up, just that Giroud was off.
  12. Actually wouldn't mind seeing Pulisic for Chillwell, Mount for Jorginho, and Werner / Giroud. Chillwell's lack of 1v1 ability is stalling the left side.
  13. Probably makes sense to loan him out right now... then try to establish him as a starter this summer. With Mount, Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante and Gilmour - one. of those 5 needs to move right now, and then another in the summer.
  14. I think the missing piece here isn't just the results. Chelsea bought what you can only assume they thought from top to bottom was a special player in Havertz. If you are Lampard and you don't build the team around Havertz- then you better win, that simple. I don't agree with those suggesting we were building for the long term. A long term lineup would have looke more like this 4-2-3-1 Werner as the 9, Pulisic and CHO as wingers, Havertz 10, and Gilmour / Mount deeper. The only time you saw anything resembling that, is when it seemed FL knew he was already gone. The modern plan for Werner / Havertz always should have been those two interchanging the 9/10 role. I don't know if we have realistic time left in this window but going forward I would sell one of : Mount, Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic and one of : Zouma, Rudiger, Christensen, and one of Alonso, Emerson, and buy the best central defender you can find for the money.
  15. This video is interesting to me in regards to this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m7ZRPu2D1A&ab_channel=EASPORTSFIFA. Just harmless fun for FIFA player ratings at the time; Azpi quickly states 79 for Mount in the game, 81 for RLC and 84 for Jorginho. In my mind it shows his teammates didn't hole him in the same regard as FL did. We needed to have sold a MF or two as well as a left back this summer.
  16. I think Pulisic's struggles are due to our tactics, he seems to want him running in early to leave overlapping space for Chillwell. Our system right now congests the flanks too much, winger play doesn't matter much in our current system, it's just hold the ball up for our outside defenders to run forward and around them, then pass the ball to the outside back for the cross in and hope. I think FL like Mount a lot but has no idea how to use him, and it's hurting the whole squad. The question that must be asked of Mount is if he were on United, City, or Liverpool where would he play? I think the only answer is deeper on the field - and to cut our pressing on everything, and do it only in a coordinated way, picking moments. If our wingers stay wider they have more space to work, our outside defenders don't have to overlap so far up the field so often, and we are countered less.
  17. "2. Mount on the other hand is perfect for the way we want to play. He works incredibly hard off the ball and is a critical link player. He doesn't get into the team because of favouritism as many morons suggest but because he fits with the way we want to play and gives his all for the team." If he's perfect for the way we want to play the way he's being used currently, we will never be good enough. He's not playing well enough that he would get into a similar role at Liverpool, Man City, or Man Utd. And Franks seems to have built our team around him. The way I could see him working is the way Matic played for us under Jose. I think he struggles higher up the field, but when he has room to step forward in, I like it. He should be a DCM in a double piviot. It would cut down on some of his aimless running around on defense, and let him pass forward. Also would give us a player that can step up and hit a 30 -35 yard shot, which Kante, Kovacic or Jorginho will not do. Sell Kante and Jorginho. Start Mount and Gilmour in the double pivot with Kovacic rotating.. . start Pulisic, Havertz and CHO ahead of them with Ziyech rotating. Keep Werner up top, with Abraham rotating and sell Giroud. Like Giroud, but think he's gone on free after this year anyway, and I think too many different center forwards is a problem.
  18. "Are you insinuating that Mount gets into the team not because of his performances but other reasons? " I think he's a start every other game type of player, who'd have trouble getting in Liverpool, City, or even United's sides. But for some reason FL treats him as a player he has to adjust all of tactics for.
  19. "Just change side of CHO and Pulisic and that's that IMO." And James and Chillwell
  20. "Lampard needs players for his football to work, he needs that Rice signing and if our wingers can't come back in form he needs another winger too. We should really go for Rice in this window while Lampard still has the time to change things, if Olle could get Bruno when things started to get tough we should back Lampard to get Rice." What's Rice supposed to do for us.. we have do many defensive minded midfielders - Mount, Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho, we need more creativity in the midfield.
  21. I can't quote on Chrome but: "I am all for people criticizing Frank for the recent results as the performances alongside the results have been indefensible but trying to discredit what he achieved last year and describing it as a bang average performance by Frank is just ludicrous." FL's style wears our players down, we run around too aimlessly, he praises Mount for running around aimlessly against City, I'm convinced the pandemic saved our season last year. It was a timeout you don't normally get, without it, I believe we are lucky to finish with 60 points. "Firstly if I was to focus on the claim that last season was a bang average job done by Lampard we need to look at the circumstances around last season. The main areas which stick out in terms of exceptional circumstances are:" 1. Transfer Ban; We handled this and prepared for it well, we bought Kovacic and Pulisic, and had a slew of players coming back from loan to sort through. 2. Loss of Hazard; This is the focus way too much for those that think FL did a decent job, our problem was we had the same midfield and backline and GK available to FL that Sarri used, and we went from 39 goals conceded to 54. 3. Keeper with the worst Save % in the history of PL; He didn't have the worst save % the year prior, In my mind much of this is on Frank. FL is conceding more per game than Sarri did with a totally rebuilt back line and a new keeper. Our defensive struggles are coaching. 4. Injuries (Kante, RLC, Kante & CHO) Yet we were overcrowded in most of those positions any way last year. FL loaned out RLC anyway. we still had Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount, and Barkley and later Gilmour. "Hazard contributed close to 50% of all our league goals in season 2018/19, We scored 63 and Hazard had 31 Goals and assists. Take 50% Goal contributions away from any team and they will struggle to match or better any point tally they put together never mind all the other factors which crippled us last season. " Hazard had the best point output of his career under Sarri, the year before he accounted for 12 g and 4 assists. At worst we should thank Sarri for keeping Hazard's price high for this spending spree. "Even though I hate the points metric but going with your stats we dropped 6 points in comparison to the previous season, 66 points in comparison to 72 points the season before. Hazard on his own is worth much more than 6 points but when you take into account RLC who was a key performer during 2018/19 was out with injury for majority of last season and Kante missed a large chunk it creates a huge void in our squad." Mount was basically the same for FL as RLC was for Sarri, so that's a wash, and FL had no clue how to use Kante, we got less points / game with Kante than we did without him. "To fill that void during last season Frank gave debuts to 8 academy products whilst finishing in a top 4 spot, getting to an FA Cup Final and getting to the last 16 of the Champions League. We currently have 4 youth players who are an integral part of our squad and most likely worth in excess of £200m in value (Tammy, Mount, Reece & CHO). People will continuously say that he had no choice but to integrate the youth but even that narrative is not completely true, if Sarri was to continue I could see him extending Higuain's loan which would've meant Tammy would probably been sent out on loan again, I certainly don't see Mount and Billy breaking through either and Barkley taking a more dominant role in the starting 11. You talk about certain players who Sarri wouldve achieved a higher finish then Lampard with and 3 of them would most likely not even be in the fold had it not been for Lampard last season." We'll have to agree to disagree on that, I think Sarri wanted a young striker to learn from Higuain, because his movement is excellent. CHO did break in with Sarri at the age of 17. "This season also has its challenges with a more congested season then usual and what feels like a completely brand new squad and Lampard will need to find a way to get them playing well together but calling last season bang average is ludicrous" Ludicrous? for points it's one of our bottom 3 seasons of the last 17 years (since RA), circumstances are what make it average. From a points/production standpoint last season is the WORST season any Chelsea manager has had under Roman Abramovich and not been sacked. Last season was his grace season. This season is his results season, and they're ****.
  22. "What boggles my mind is when people post this kind if thing without any context." The context is we were a team coming off of 72 points the prior year. I'm of the opinion we would have hit at least 75 with an experienced manager.
  23. What boggles my mind is how fans think. Frank earned bank with last year's 66 points, but think AVB was garbage with his 64 points. Frank was at best bang average last year. Correct me if I'm wrong but the bar before FL last year was 75 points, every Chelsea manager before last season under RA has been sacked for less than 75 points, yet Frank's 66 is supposed to have earned him something, that's just love for the nostalgia. Since Roman acquired Chelsea we have never gone consecutive years without a top 3 finish. Last season was the third season under Abramovich that we had under 70 points in the premier league. Every season like FL season last year has gotten a manager sacked, but people want to credit him. I think Frank is struggling so much, that if you took Franks' starting 11, and told Sarri he was not allowed to use any of them, he would still finish ahead of FL. It'd be what. Anjorin, Abraham, CHO across the top, Ross Barkley, Jorginho, Billy Gilmour in the MF, Alonso, Rudiger, Christensen, Azpi in the back, and Kepa in goal. I'd still put money on Sarri to have more points with that lineup right now, than Frank does with our current squad.
  24. "What it tells me is city are content and not pressing letting us have the ball in defence" True, but we still look for him over Mount and Kovacic
  25. Everyone looks first to find Gilmour... should tell you something about our starting midfield.
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