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  1. I still would love to see Kovacic at outside back... he defends well, work hard, is technical, and pacey, he's great til the final third.
  2. It really depends how the club see Reece James compared to Alonso. I mean Zappacosta played 15 games all year. Azpi, can swing over to leftback when reece james plays and emerson needs rest.
  3. I'll give you RLC... but Barkley...ugg, Barkley only does one thing better and that hit's all ball, his footwork is slow and his hips are tight.
  4. Luiz is no where near him because he runs himself to far out of it. Jorginho, is filling the passing lane left exposed by Azpi and Rudi being too far apart, even if he does chase Mata, he'd be 5 yards behind, this isn't man to man, we play more of a zonal based system.
  5. I know it'd be a hard change at this point in his career... but I'd be curious to see him as a right back. He's got plenty of pace to burn, great skills, and a great work ethic. FWIW: Name Speed1. Nacho 34,62 km/h2. Mateo Kovacic 34,59 km/h3. Álvaro Morata 34,33 km/h4. Gareth Bale 34,3 km/h5. Dani Carvajal 34,1 km/h6. Raphael Varane 34,04 km/h7. Mariano 33,84 km/h8. Danilo 33,69 km/h9. Cristiano Ronaldo 33,6 km/h10. Marcelo 33,38 km/h
  6. What are you talking about? Jorginho was covering the gap between Rudiger and Azpi - that's why the ball had to be lifted over to get through, Mata was by Rudiger and should have been passed to Luiz. Luiz is the one that lost him.
  7. Also, it seems CHO's face is plastered everywhere on the Chelsea website. Really has me thinking that Hazard is going to Real, and CHO has been promised his spot for next season.
  8. I don't know on the form... people were still criticizing him starting Alonso last game, and he was brilliant the game before in the Europa match. I think people know some guys aren't great, and they just hope another guy is better, even if he isn't. Would we be worried if Emerson went to any team ahead of us?
  9. Look, Is there really much difference between England playing him against Montenegro and Chelsea playing him in the Europa? They are both ways to help break a youngster in and get used to the level.
  10. Yeah, am aware they want to sign him permanently but after watching lots of his games this season, he appears to be the most improved of all our players on loan and is better and faster than all our fullbacks currently, is it impossible to call him back from the loan because with his incredible pace and defensive awareness, bringing him back will immediately solve our RB or LB problem. It says they have a option to purchase at 9 mil... which means I don't think it's our decision, it's Torino's.
  11. Aina has improved significantly, why can't we give him a chance? "Torino are ready to take up the £9million option to sign Chelsea full back Ola Aina . The Serie A club have a permanent deal written into Aina’s season-long loan and Torino have been hugely impressed with his progress. Aina, 22, was loaned out after struggling to make the grade at Chelsea but has developed into a key player for Torino this season."
  12. The ball he lost put us in bad shape, we won it back, then rudiger gave it away again, that led to the shot that Kepa made a nice save that lead to a corner, which lead to Emerson getting pushed out of his backside responsibility, leading to a wide open goal. We gave up one goal, and he was the #1 culprit. He did some things well, but what he did wrong was very wrong.
  13. Well, some of that would depend on Sarri and Hazard. #2 really would end up being like #3 in some senses, because of the false 9 option. I still would love to see RLC get some false 9 min.
  14. The best case for Abraham would be for Higuain to stay one more year... that means we didn't get an Icardi or someone similar. Also he gets to learn from a guy that will need fresh legs, and moves really well in the 18. I think it's invaluable to a young player to watch film of a guy in the exact same role.
  15. We haven't defended well enough with Hazard on the left, yesterday really is our best way to play big teams. Use Willian on the left to wear down the other team some while keeping a better defensive presence, then sub Higuain on for him, and move Hazard left. Many didn't like Hazard in the false 9... but that also gave more time to CHO.
  16. Are they targeting Jorginho because he's poor? or are they targeting Jorginho, because we are poor playing around him? I think it's the latter, early in the year, our movement through Jorginho was a lot of over/ unders, since teams have played him, our movement is side to side.
  17. He plays much quicker than Fabregas... Fabregas plays the killer pass as well as anyone I've ever seen
  18. he's world class in speed of touch, short passes, movement off the ball, and directing/coaching on the field. he needs a better long ball, and he could defend bettter for his role. Our midfield has very good peices but don't really match our forwards. Kovacic, Jorginho, and Kante all have a lot of class... but are all missing the big game, long shots, long passes and winning headers. Sometimes it's not that one guy hurts us, it's we're missing some pieces that we must have.
  19. Well the transfer window wasn't just about Odoi, as some of these pundits or Kinsella would suggest. The situation is obvious, Hazard went from a winger to a false nine, back to a winger with Higuain. When he was a false 9 and RLC was hurt, Odoi was the #3 winger. Right now he's 4 or 5 depending where you see RLC getting minutes. I personally would rather see CHO as #2... but that's a hard argument to make for a team fighting for top 4. It's hard for the fans to have it both ways to, show no patience towards building yet insist on Odoi in the lineup.
  20. Pulisic is already better than Donovan; Donovan could have made a decent wage playing in the Premier League no problem - maybe not top 6. He got bundesliga games when he was a teenager; he was just a California boy, that wanted to stay in California. He's always been a quirky personality. The MLS was paying him close to $5 mil/ year 5 years ago to play and he got to do that in his hometown.
  21. I think he didn't realize when he came here, that his squad at Napoli is better than his squad here.
  22. I thought Isco was the best player for Spain in the last World Cup. I'd prefer Isco, but Asensio has more upside, think he'd be better on a counter team.
  23. interesting how much more he put balls in the box with Higuain there
  24. Disagree massively here, think if Alonso played we win. The tide turned from that first goal, where Emerson was way out of position, he missed headers, and was always caught too far up the field... no coincidence Luiz played like poo that game. Alonso covers for more mistakes than people realize.
  25. I'm kind of surprised he doesn't... CHO does seem to play more his style... but he does add one more play with out a strong strike.
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