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    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    Yes, he actually has become one of Milan most important players. When he came to Milan he started of very poorly. Didn't stay in position and made many unforced errors. So the manager (Gattuso) placed him in the freezer and didn't use him. Then the DM (Lucas Biglia) and the LM (Bonaventura) were injured and Bakayoko was given a position in the starting eleven. He started ok and has just been better and better since then. In November I think he has been Milans best player. Today in the match Milan - Parma 2-2 he got 7.7 on whoscored without even making goals or assists. He covers the midfield, stands right and make it really difficult for the opponent team to get through. In offence he just plays simple and quick with very few errors. It was romoured early in November that Milan would send him away in January (although loan deal is until summer). That Milan would pay the 30M fee option to Chelsea was totally out of the picture. But now I would say that Milan will likely get him to stay even after next summer. At least if he continues to play like this. His stats on Whoscored. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/135211/Show/Tiemoué-Bakayoko