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  1. The reason why I am not angry is, because we are winning in the possession stat. Putting the ball in the back of the net is not important. I love Sarri football, because it is boring.
  2. Just get rid of him before it’s too late it’s evident he is a fraud
  3. So anybody on here think Sarri should stay just curious
  4. A lot of fans on here go as far as to blame the players which they should shoulder some blame, but this is on Sarri. Sarri picks the same personal every week. I would like to see Christensen and Emerson get a run now and then and give Alonso a rest. A manager saying maybe I can’t motivate these players isn’t something you want to hear from your manager. Sarri is a fraud that’s just my opinion. If you want to be kind to him and exempt him well fine. Pep didn’t change system , but he wasn’t afraid to drop personal he even drop Aguero at one point.

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