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  1. Well Brighton just showed how to beat Spurs. I hope Giroud starts this game tho
  2. Let’s be honest here in our next three fixtures does anybody see us getting anything out of any of those games?
  3. You have a good point, but I guess this is the type of football we are going to have to get use to.
  4. Let’s be honest here we struggled against 10 men Fulham , what made you guys thought that we could beat Leicester?
  5. Happy for the 3 points. Az can’t put in a cross to save his life. Werner need to step his game up. Hudson is the man of the match for me. Can you imagine if Fulham was playing with 11?
  6. This won’t be an easy game. Fulham has been playing some decent football
  7. Here is my prediction Tammy will come on and score
  8. Chelsea to win this 4-3 is that too much to ask or I need to take my meds?
  9. I wouldn’t say they are better than us they are just up for it more . I don’t think this team is as horrible as people making it out to seem
  10. Never you call out frank or any player that’s English . You can call out anybody else tho. For me I don’t care about background. If a player not giving his all he should be called out.
  11. The frustrating thing for me is how easy it is for city to breach our defence. It could have been 4 or 5 goals to city in this half alone. While we have to fight to even get one shot on target
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