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  1. This is a very unusal season where we've been unable to stregthen the glaring weaknesses in the team. You tell me where enough goals are coming from this season? In terms of creative flair and goal power we're not far off from bottom half of the table level. It's very different from Conte's 2nd year when he basically threw his toys out the pram and stuck 2 fingers up to the board.
  2. No!!! Unlike the previous two seeasons, everyone is fully behind the manager! But, being stuck with the ban there's low/realiistic expectations for NEXT season, that is all.
  3. For me, this season is about nothing more than us getting thru it, with the club already looking for the players they want to sign next summer. Defo see no way we finish top four, so anykind of Cup run would be nice. What i really hope for is to see RLC and CHO make full recoveries. Players like Mount, CHO, Pulisic and Emerson, to make significant progress and for Christensen and RLC to continue on thier upward curve. So, it's all about showinng promise for the season after next, rather than what we can win next season.
  4. Second thoughts on this. I think we're going to struggle very badly for goals this season. It'll go against Franks instincts, but to stop us getting into trouble and eek out enough points, i think we'll have to play it ugly and be very defensive in our approach, so i'd like to see us play with Luiz in front of two centre backs. So with that extra protection i'd be happy and confident Ampadu could do a good enough job as third choice behind Christensen and Rudi.
  5. Only pre-season, but without Hazard and RLC, the extreme lack of creativity against even low level opposition is a bit worrying. We're not going to get more than a handful of goals & assists from Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante and we'll do well to get a couple of dozen goals from our strikers, which still leaves us about 20 goals away from hitting 50.
  6. I agree he needs games, so play him in the Cups. Also have him on the bench against the weaker Premiership teams. He'd also learn a lot training every day with the first team squad. While Kurt isn't top four level, at his age he's too good to be wasting time as a 4th choice. A club at Everton's level is perfect for him.
  7. He's put pressure on himself with his demands. If he signs,when given his chances he has to go out there and show he's worth what he's asked for, which he did not do in the league games he played. It wont be good enough to keep playing it safe moving inside looking for an easy pass, he's got to start taking on defenders! A starting place is there for the taking and if he's as good as some think he is, then he should take Pedro or Willian's place by the end of the season.
  8. I'd much rather a place in the squad went to Ampadu. Though he's not yet ready for a regular starting place, he's got a lot more potential than Zouma, who really is not and never will be good enough for a top four team!
  9. The risk of offering RLC a contract is just as big and the decision to sign or not to sign is just as big to RLC as it is to CHO. Every single Chelsea fan can see RLC loves Chelsea, while more and more are starting to question CHO.
  10. You dont need inside info to know a simple contract is just that! The only way CHO is looking good with this, is if they haven't even started talks yet, which is highly improbable.
  11. This is a simple contract for an 18 year old footballer, not some complex multi billion pound trade deal. If he has Chelsea in his heart? it would have been done and dusted in no time, as i bet it was for Ruben and Mason.
  12. Love American comdey Speechless. Gutted it's been axed after 3 series.
  13. I do think what you listed is still easily enough for most 18 year olds. Howver, we have to accept there's always going to be players who are cold and take a mercenary approach to the game.
  14. Everyone is entitled to their opinion! I just think the opinion of a Croation fm who's watched him for many years, is better informed than other Chelsea fans. Croat gave a very fair opinion, which is one that is shared by others who've also watched him for years. There's a percentage of Chelsea fans who are seeing things in this player that many, many other football watchers are completely missing. Are Kovacic supporters also ones who rated Mikel?
  15. Once again i'll referr back to Croat's post a few pages back in this thread. He's a fm who's been watching him for years and basically what we saw last seeason is Kovacic's level. His non performances last season had nothing to do with his posistion. He just disappoints year after year. There's lots of sportsmen and women with a decent bit of technical ability but there's no substance to them and Kovacic is just another one of them. I heard it in almost every single game, from commentators, ex managers, players, journo's all completely non plussed about what he brings to a football team. We hear all the time player x isn't good enough for certain teams, but i can't recall so many say exactly the same thing about being clueless as to why a player is even on the pitch.

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