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  1. I'm a carer, so can't go. Agree that it's an awful location to hold a final. But seeing where the next World Cup is being held, being stupid is something football's rulers are world class at.
  2. Read back some other posts on this page (one by me) about corporate boxes no longer selling out and someone else saying season ticket sales are down. This year we also had our lowest attendance for years against Brighton, and now we have this news. These are worrying signs about declining support. Who in their right mind would go ahead with a very expensive stadium build if they see support starting to drift away? That is why i posted in this thread.
  3. Build a 60,000 stadium when we can only sell a pathetic 2000 tickets for a European final. If i was Roman i'd feel letdown bigtime by this total. embarrassment. We do not deserve to be a so called "big club" with a fanbase that does this.
  4. First season - FA Cup and 6th in league. Fergiie says Chelsea are on their way and will become Utd's main challengers for the title. Second season - Chelsea are in 2nd place in the league and in 2 Cup QF's. Gullit gets sacked. That kind of crazy sh*t only ever happens at Chelsea! The fact that he never had success elsewhere doesn't matter. He was the right manager at the right time for Chelsea and doing a brilliant job! Doing such a great job and getting the sack was brutal and he never recovered from it as a manager.
  5. Gullit had no experiece at all but won us our first major trophy in two decades.
  6. I just felt a bit sorry for Torres. A truly great player seeing his form and ability fade away in what should still have been his peak years. Sheva's legs had gone and it was obvious he'd never be the same again. As we know, Chelsea denied Torres had physical problms, saying he passed all the required tests. So what in the hell did happen to him? Could it be as simple as him just losing confiidence? That open goal aginst Uttd was eeeek!!!!! He did show moments and even periods in some games of the old Torres, so i can understand why we kept him longer than we should have. So yes, a flop signing, but for me a sad and frustrating one who did at least contribute something in big Euro moments.
  7. Yes, going by the in final score the Ramires goal was the crucial one. But the Torres goal finished it at a time when they were truly battering us and looked like they would score, just like they did at the Bridge in that cruel game.
  8. To be fair, he did score one of the most important goals in the clubs history when we were hanging on for dear life against Barca. He also played well in the Europa League run.
  9. The other night against Leeds, he made a substitution just before halftime which changed the game. From 2 down and being battered to ending up winning. Whatever happens the club and fans have to start giving a manager time to change things and build a team. We haven't done that for nearly 20 years with Claudio. Given time he went on to lay the foundations that lead to the success that followed.
  10. Not gonna happen! If we're ever going to win the title again it wont be by going backwards with stoneage tactics. I think Roman and co know things have moved on and defensive, pragmatic football has had it's day.
  11. Yeah, it really has been a downer. It's beyond bizarre we wait for years for some of 'our boys' to break thru, then when they finally do we lose them both to the same longterm injuries within a couple of weeks. CHO's was bad enough, but to lose a player who had become an important player and be even morse so for next, has been a real sickener.
  12. I know i have much better things to do with my time and money than spending it on non-league football. Lets be honesr, a lot of the time the atmosphere at the bridge is like a Library at 3am. Fans have been bored sh*tless for 3 out the last 4 seasons now. We've fallen miles behind in terms of entertaining football.
  13. Sorry, i don't and can't even remember the name of the journo who said it. I was just pottering around the house with the radio (either 5 live live or talksport) on in the background when i heard it about a month or so ago. But the above post by Chi blue adds weight to what was said.
  14. As a Chelsea support i'm even more worried about your ex manager coming here.
  15. Thannk you for posting that article which very clearly outlines the major problems facing any redevelopmet. We're in a pickle in more ways than one at the mo. But, good or bad, there's always something going on at Chelsea. It's never boring, that's for sure!

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