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  1. Have they tried to rush him back too quickly this season? Injury seems to be lingering on and on.
  2. Yeah, could easily be looking at one win in 6 by the end of next weekend. But still early season and players to get fully fit, so no need to panic. I'd take a draw tomorrow.
  3. Problem is, his teamates are not interested in the clubs economics. They'll just see a young player who's done nothing whatsoever to deserve a wage 2 times more than what they are getting.
  4. I'v grown to like Jorginho, but i think his modest athleticism might be the factor that eventually costs him his place. It looks like Frank is looking to build a team with good pace and movement, which will leave Jorginho standing out like a sore thumb.
  5. A few weeks ago there was talk in the media about Frank toying with the idea of playing Ruben further up. He's shown he has an eye for goal and a good finisher, so it really would be a waste to play him so far back.
  6. It'll be interesting to see who Frank goes with in for his starting 11 once RLC and CHO are fully match fit - Keeper, back four + Kante and one striker. So that leaves Jorginho, Kova, Barkley, RLC, CHO, Mount and Pulisic fighting for the four remaining places. Healthy level of competition there.
  7. I've obviously not seen much of CHO, but from what i have seen of him playing on the right he seems to have a natural instinct to cut inside rather than stay wide and take his man on. So, he might well feel more comfortable on the left with a better, more unpredictable mix of staying wide and cutting inside.
  8. It might not be saying much but he has been better and more positive than last season, with one assist already and at least got himself into a scoring chance. He'll have tto do for now, but is he really a good enough player to help us become a title contending team again in 2 or 3 years time? I don't think so.
  9. Is it true CHO's best position is actually left wing?
  10. You're saying we're frenetic but Frank thought we moved the ball too slowly on Saturday.
  11. We got away with hiring and firing for years longer than we should have, but those days are over! We'll never catch up with City if we only give managers a year!
  12. Feels a bit different, a bit frustrating and disappointing at times, but very much enjoying it all the same. I see this as a 2 to 3 year rebuild, so we'ree going to need to be as parient with Frank as Liverpool were with Klopp.
  13. Both HAVE played as out and out wingers but neither being used quite that way at the mo. Anyway, my main point and worry is the opinion of those who watched him in Germany who think he really isn't all that good, adding his finishing is poor and doesn't even create that much either. It's equally very early days for Mount and Tammy yet they're already showing good signs for the future. Early impressions of Pulisic, is he looks a long way off from being ready for our first team at this moment in time.
  14. Completely agree! Just look at the back four we had out yesterday. This time next year i expect Tomori to be the only one who'll be in contention for a starting place in the team. In the meantime, lets enjoy the good moments we'll have this season and suck up the not so good.
  15. I didn't say there's calls at the mo, but there probably will be if we get heavily beaten by Liverpool. We're defending like a relegation team, so if Pool are on form we're going to have a hard job keeping the score down.

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