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  1. I reckon Frank will only try Ruben as a striker if Tammy, Giroud and Bats aren't scoring enough goals. We've tried the false 9 numerous times, so i don't see why we shouldn't give this idea a try.
  2. So Frank is thinking about playing Loftus as a striker. Sure worth trying in season like this!
  3. Back training in 4-6 weeks.☺
  4. Imho, by making this public the trolls know they have got to their target and upset them, which is exactly what they want. Unless online abuse is a threat of violence, I really do think the best way to deal with it is to accept there's a few sad cnuts out there, ignore it and move on.
  5. I know what John McEnroe would say about that.
  6. Playing this way, fitness is defo a problem and not something that will be put right in a few weeks or even months. Klopp had the same problems at Liverpool with his players gassing out, and that was a squad who were already playing at a fairly high tempo. Just got to be very patient with what the longterm goal is.
  7. RLC was making real progress before the injury, but overall i agree with your very straight talking, especially about the board. Even with the transfer ban the squad should not be this short on real quality. Far too much money wasted on far too many bang average players and too slow to replace players in decline. Tho we'll have a lot of money to spend next summer, i don't have much confidence in the board buying the right players.
  8. But the way the game was going it was only going to be a matter of time before they scored. You'd think we were playing peak form Man City the way they were ripping thru our non exsistent midfield.
  9. He'll never be consistent in and around the penalty box. 4 or 5 goals in a season is about the best we can hope for.
  10. Nevermind inviduals. For me, as a team, the main problem we have at the moment is how shockingly bad we are when we don't have the ball. There were times today when we were so open it looked like we had no midfield.
  11. I'm sure everyone agrees Azpi has been a great servant for Chelsea, but the hard question has to be asked - will he be good enough to be a right back in a title chasing team a couple of years from now? That's the level of team Frank will have to have built to keep his job, and sadly no way i can i see Azpi being part of it as the right back.
  12. Up until his legs went, he was an absolute beast of player!
  13. At the moment the team is pretty fragile and vunerable, so when the opposition takes hold of the game, it's understandable the fans get anxious and start going quiet. We rarely threatened after that Kante effort, so there's wasn't exactly a lot to shout about.
  14. But that question shouldn't be posed just about Tammy. With the money we'll have to spend next year, a lot of the current squad are, or at least should be playing for their future at Chelsea. So, they've all got a year to show what they are made of.
  15. Dixons


    Both Wilian and Pedro are past it and i'd like to see both moved on next summer.
  16. Dixons


    That bit when Willian threw his hands up was disgraceful and cringeworthy, so yes, he deserves more flack than Kova. But even tho he tried, there's no getting away with just how bad Kovacic was.
  17. Credit when it's due. I thought he was our best player today.
  18. Dixons


    He was absymal but so too was Kovacic.
  19. Everyone seemed to be sapped of energy and never got a second wind.
  20. I was more encouraged after the 4-0 than I was by today's performance. 60 mins at home of releagation level football. Pulisic's performance was especially disappointing. Great opening 20 from Mount, but he faded badly, but good signs none of the less. Fine game by Zouma, especially after last weeks mare. Our man of the match for me.
  21. Apart from the first 25 mins, we've looked like a bottom 6 team.

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