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  1. I don't read either paper. Did not vote to leave and have never voted Tory. So yet more typical leftwing stereotyping. I get all my info from watching parliament TV (and lots of it) and TV shows like politics live on bbc2. It's all from the horses mouths, not biased rags or online sh*t. Oh, and the so called "peoples party" are actually very good at putting those very people out of work and into poverty, as every single Labour government has done by leaving office with more people unemployed than when they took power. Quite a record is that!
  2. It might not be in their manifesto but it is being talked about within Labour and growing support for it. Clive Lewis even talked about it on the BBC 2 politics live show a month pr so ago He didn't go into details when pressed how they'd do it. I'm sure you'd find it on google if you typed in his name and banning billionaires. A top female knob in momentum would like this go much, much further, saying on the same show that nobody should have more than a couple of million and money after that should be given to the homeless etc. Oh, and a big yes to us having billionaires and multi multi billionaires. Oh, and the definition of poverty is someone who's income is 60% of average ernings, which according to this current BS poverty line is someone on 16-17 grand a year. That's a gross insult to people who are genuinely living in poverty.
  3. They'll need to let them back in to pay for the free cars, houses and annual cruises Labour will give away to everyone if the win.
  4. He even said last night that it is wrong for people to have a billion. Fact!
  5. Errr...it's actually the Communist/ Labour politicians, including the leader, who are calling for this. I have not made a single word of this up!
  6. I simply brought up an issue that would greatly affect our owner and his future in England. If you don't already know, Labour are talking about nobody being allowed to have a million pound. Yes, our potential government confiscating massive amounts of peoples property and wealth.
  7. Not a rant at all! Proposals by the possible next government that would greatly effect our owner (this is a thread about our owner) and make it impossible for him to ever live here again. Proposals that would also mean no British citizen could ever own a major English club again. Sensor the truth and me if you like.
  8. Still can't find anything about his fitness, so i presume he must be ok.
  9. I really hoped we'd seen the last of his turgid football polluting the Premiership, but i am looking forward to the reception he'll get when he brings that lot to the Bridge.
  10. Fans aren't being harsh on CHO, just giving honest opinions on his form just as they do with every player, young or older ones. Willian got stick early season, but now being praised. The much loved Azpi has had his fair share of stick. Tomori highly praised early on but not so much recently. Zouma started so badly fans were saying we should get rid, but now he's seen as currently our best defender. Any player who's playing well be praised, and those that are struggling a bit will get more negative comments. It's as simple as that really.
  11. A lot of Utd fans were keen on having him as their manager, so I wonder if he'll end up there. Tho i can't see them sacking Ole just at the time when they're showing some sign of improvement. Not that I give a toss either way.
  12. This rumour showed up yesterday in an pop-up in my email. Apparently, we are competing with Barca for his signature. Wouldn't touch this waster with a bargepole!
  13. I thought he had a good game against Newcastle ( imho, his best in the league so far ) and worked hard, even tracking back and winning the ball back near our touchline, but too often he strolls around like Matt le Tissier used to do.
  14. To the naked eye it did look like Torres lost acceleration and pace, but remember the club gave him a rigorous medical and said all his stats, including sprints, were fine.
  15. To be "writing him off" would mean fans saying he's not good enough, never will be good enough, so we might as well get rid. I haven't seen anyone on here say anything like that, just as they never said it about Pulisic either! I personally think CHO has been a bit overrated and overhyped which has led to expectations being too high and him being pushed too quickly, resulting in him being in the England team when he's clearly not ready for it or done anything to deserve it. None of that is doing him any favours at all! He should be left to quietly get on with improving his game over the next couple of years, not this got til the end of the season nonsense. If he's not good enough in a couple of years, then it will be time to start saying he's not good enough for Chelsea.
  16. Zouma had a worse injury and it's taken years of hard work and determination for him to get back to a level where it's no longer a problem for him. So, we could be looking at a few years rather than months before CHO is really fit and good enough for a regular starting place in the team. A lot of hard work ahead for him to make it at Chelsea.
  17. Things might change, but ATM Pulisic is clearly first choice for the wide left position.
  18. Had he stayed as long as Hazard, Robben for 12 million would have been amazing value.
  19. So right! I remember Jimmy Connors saying there were a lot of lower ranked players in his era who had more tennis talent than him, but not the head and heart that he had.
  20. Plus a genuine passion and determination to well for Chelsea, which is something i felt Morata and Torres never really had deep in their hearts. I also like the way he accepts a few bad misses and even poor games and just gets on with it, looking for the next chance and the next goal. I always felt Torres (in his Chelsea days) and Morata dwelled on their missed chances and poor games and that affected them longterm.
  21. I remember going to Luton for the first time, losing my mates and ending up in the Luton fans end wearing my Chelsea shirt. Height of hooligan era, so lucky i didn't get my head kicked in. Btw. What a sh*thole that place was. Just some flimsy cowsheds around the pitch.
  22. And the biggest waste of money prize has to go to Mr sitting on my arse for 40k a week.
  23. Up it further with 11 million for our current manager. Bargain of the century!

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