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  1. Wow. 180k for an 18 year old. Really not good for the wage balance. Others will start demanding as well.
  2. Just imagine us doing what Bayern is doing now with CHO. We will probably be banned for 10 windows.
  3. They could at least defend which is what we needed at that point. Lampard has also been unlucky missing Kante and Rudi for so long. Both of them shore up our defense immediately.
  4. Bringing off Kovacic wasn't the problem. It was who he brought on. An 18 year old to pair with someone who can rarely defend after 60 mins. Christensen or Alonso would have been more prudent choices given we just had to hold on to the lead. Frank will learn I am sure but his inexperience is clearly showing.
  5. Difference is whether our board can digest 8th place?
  6. Delighted even if I think he isn't ready. However, he will get a lot more leeway being a legend and with the transfer ban. Just hoping the club back with man with time as I believe he can be a success. Welcome home Frank!
  7. Oh but that one night will be worth a lifetime :)
  8. I agree. I could have given him a second chance but after his recent pining about how great AM is and how he was let down by the Chelsea fans, I definitely do not want him back.
  9. We don't even have a coach yet. How are you thinking we will be playing more through balls?
  10. Same. I think it will be the first time I will be following the Italian league. It should be fun. Conte is a fantastic coach and seems like Inter will be backing him.
  11. 5th or 6th in my opinion unless some of the others have a Jose level meltdown.
  12. Still a little unsure of what the role is going to be. Hopefully he will be a success.

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