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  1. You mean he should be like Jose who throws his players under the bus at every opportunity? How did that work for him?
  2. Good point on that. It looked like Pool were the homeside with the amount of calls they were getting. Looks like the refs have a clear mandate to get them to win the league this year.
  3. To be honest, it isn't a great angle. Mount was offside IMO. The broader question is how many passes before are you looking at to judge? If it took 30 passes for a goal, is VAR looking at all of them?
  4. Huh? What? Where did the saves come from? Yeah they were great saves but I thought you were talking about the VAR decision.
  5. Frank is clearly covering for Barkley. Given there was even a small argument between Willian and Barkley convinces me that Ross isn't the designated penalty taker.
  6. Agree he is incredibly frustrating when it comes to final ball and why I wanted him sold ages ago. However, who would you say was better than him today? He has been the only one who has created anything.
  7. I don't particularly want Willian beyond this season but what did he do wrong today? He has been our best player.
  8. Jorginho did well to win the ball. Willian messed up the last pass ...
  9. Wow. 180k for an 18 year old. Really not good for the wage balance. Others will start demanding as well.
  10. Just imagine us doing what Bayern is doing now with CHO. We will probably be banned for 10 windows.
  11. They could at least defend which is what we needed at that point. Lampard has also been unlucky missing Kante and Rudi for so long. Both of them shore up our defense immediately.
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