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  1. Delighted even if I think he isn't ready. However, he will get a lot more leeway being a legend and with the transfer ban. Just hoping the club back with man with time as I believe he can be a success. Welcome home Frank!
  2. Oh but that one night will be worth a lifetime :)
  3. I agree. I could have given him a second chance but after his recent pining about how great AM is and how he was let down by the Chelsea fans, I definitely do not want him back.
  4. We don't even have a coach yet. How are you thinking we will be playing more through balls?
  5. Same. I think it will be the first time I will be following the Italian league. It should be fun. Conte is a fantastic coach and seems like Inter will be backing him.
  6. 5th or 6th in my opinion unless some of the others have a Jose level meltdown.
  7. Still a little unsure of what the role is going to be. Hopefully he will be a success.

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