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  1. So good yesterday, loved it. Feels like we are clicking at just the right time
  2. Yesterday's result was the last thing we needed as they will have a big point to prove now. On the other hand they might play a semi-weakened team which we can exploit. 2-1 chels Hahaha
  3. We seem to be getting away with poor results every week, it's madness how we are still 4th. I am an optimist and think we will cling on, but badly need to step up our game and see it out. Going to be a nervy run-in but we can do it.
  4. Not a fan of wanting to move him into midfield. He still has plenty of learning and looks decent at full back with his ability to get forward and deliver quality into the box. Personally think that is his natural position but will see. We're lucky to have him
  5. Thinking exactly this Shouldn't have to rely on him to get us the goals in tricky games like yesterday. Just highlights how desperately we need attacking force ASAP.
  6. Its going to be gritty, they will make it a slog under the lights up North but I am confident we will have too much. Massive competition for us as always - would love to see us win it, along with top 4 is a decent season all things considered IMO. Lets go for it
  7. Paul CFC


    Amazing thread - brings a lot of perspective Here's to another successful decade with Frank at the helm for all of it!
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