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  1. Lets not put too much pressure on him by comparing him to Prime Torres and Sheva. Those were absolute legends in their primes. Lets hope Timo turns out half the player Sheva and Torres were in his prime.
  2. Our defense will ultimately let us down... 1-3 City.
  3. Wtf are these conversations in this thread? Nothing at all to do with Cho.
  4. Shqiptar

    Timo Werner

    Just another 24 hrs and he will sign.
  5. Abramovich has given up on us I fear. This team is much poorer then what we had before he bought us.
  6. Awful awful awful. Lampard is to blame for the defensive setup (mind you our defenders are also poor players).
  7. We got rocked back to reality. Were closer to Valencia in terms of quality then Bayern. We are bang average. Nothing wrong with it, just have to realize were a top 6 club, not champions material. We are back to the era before Abramovich bought us in terms of quality (possibly less quality)

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