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  1. Some people mentioned it before... Incoming players all depend on TT's preferred system. If he continues to play this 5-3-2 system, there's no place for (extra) wingers it seems. Where are the going to play? If they really intend on going all out for a striker (with Tammy probably leaving), Werner will be the 2nd striker. Where do we fit Pulicic, Havertz, CHO, Ziyech, Mount, Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante and Gilmour?? And RLC, Bakayoko and Barkley if they return 😉 If that's the case, it doen't make much sense bringing in Sancho. Or do we see Sancho and Havertz as (2nd) strikers as well?!
  2. True! Besides... I'm curious if Tuchel goes back to switching between 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 5-3-2 (3-5-2)?! If Tuchel insists on playing this 5-3-2 system next year, there is no place for (extra) wingers at all 🙂 Pulicic or Werner can serve as a second striker alongside Tammy or an incoming player. Then there's Havertz who can play a central role, but having Ziyech, CHO and Sancho seems a bit too much.
  3. Since I've been watching Tuchel's teams in Germany I like the fact his teams always seem to be able to switch between 3-5-2, 4-4-2 and 4-3-3... combined with the fact he seems to make young players better; I do rate him a highly. But! Tuchel seems to be going with this 3-5-2 (5-3-2 basically) as his preferred system. That makes me a bit nervous. If he insists on playing Jorginho and Kovacic, where do we put Ziyech, Pulicic, Mount and Havertz? That's almost all the creativity we have. If he plays CHO as a wing back, there's no place for Reece. Kante and Tammy will probably get there minutes in this system, but it feels like a waste of a lot of talent. What do you guys think?!
  4. Dortmund won't... But I still have this feeling Bayern will come in to snatch Havertz. It just fits their philosophy. Coutinho is leaving the club and if Bayern sells Thiago, Martinez and Tolisso I'm 100% sure they will make a late push for Havertz! With Kimmich, Cuisance and Havertz they will have their midfield for years to come. Alaba and Boateng will probably leave as well which will give them even more room to go after Kai. We'll see what happens. Hoping he will be a Blue come next weekend.
  5. Back to Tagliafico 🙂 As an Ajax seasonticket holder I've seen the guy up close for a couple of years now. After coming over from Independiente midway the '17/'18 season (after winning them the Copa Sudamericana!) he has been a beast. Came in as just a ruthless defender, he's now leaving Ajax as a complete player and a regular starter for Argentina. The rumours of him being availablefor just 25 mil. are already confirmed here in Holland. Signing him and keeping Alonso for the upcoming season seems like a good combination. Nico can be the man on the left when playing with 4, while Alonso can be your (inverted) wingback when playing with 3 central defenders against either a strong opponent or one with 2 up front. Spending 60/70 mil. on Chilwell seems ridiculous. In some Spanish papers Cucurella is mentioned as a possible option. Like him as a player, but he's another attacking player like Alonso.
  6. I agree with most of you guys... Buying players from the teams relegated shouldn't be the focus. Kind a surprised nobody mentioned Aarons or Godfrey though! Like both of them. I would love to see Chelsea buy Aarons, let him have an extra season PL out on loan and let him battle it out with Reece the year after.
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