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  1. Yes, in cup competition there is some luck involved. More than in the league of course because of fever games and knock-out games and everything can happen in one game. I personally don't like this attitude in football that often facts are twisted after games where only one team played and missed a whole bunch of chances and the opponent scored with just one shot on target. After such a game it is often said "a deserved win, they just did not take their chance". For me this is no sense, just pure luck for the winning team on one day. Still if you are better you don't need luck becaus
  2. ok you would have brought on Rüdiger instead of Azpi because he had a shocker? what if he brought Rüdiger and he had a shocker, you would have brought Azpi? Sounds like nonsense to me.. well you always need a little bit of luck..thats football. He might have had that today but it is no coincidence that he has the best point average of all coaches everywhere he's been coaching so far. Trust me he knows much better than you do. He changed many players today, let them have some game time. All of them who played little the past weeks showed they don't deserve to be in the first 11. Stil
  3. This wasn't an easy game and you can't compare this Sheffield with the one you see in premier league these days. This was the biggest game for them of the season. There is no hope in PL so they gave everything on the pitch today. Yes, Chelsea wasn't great today, but there were a lot of changes also to reward some players. Job done. Great run defensively, lucky though to not conceed one today.
  4. lots of complaining here. Can't do it right, can't ya? if you don't do many changes..everybody cries, if you change a lot and it's a tough game against a deep sitting Sheffield. Everybody complaining. What I see: a game under control 1:0. everything alright. Game will be opening up in the second half..
  5. wow..im pretty sure Chelsea can challenge for the title this year. Such a strong defense. This is no coincidence, at PSG i noticed that Tuchel got the team really focussed and working hard for the big games. Most of the really important matches in CL the last two seasons were won through amazing defending with often no shot on target by the opposition. In Ligue 1, this was hardly the case because the mentality of the PSG squad is quite weak and they don't have a broad squad with many players on the same level. The top players hardly had the fear of being substituted. Now he has squad with
  6. I followed Thomas Tuchel since the very beginning when he was at Mainz U19. What I can tell you is, that there won't be any problems with transfers, if the board gets the player that fit the squad. If they just buy random players (Icardi at PSG, a clear Leonardo Transfer, wasted lots of millions, does not fit Tuchels playing style at all) or letting all of the best players leave even though it was promised to keep some (BVB, PSG youth talents). Yes, then there is a Thomas Tuchel who is pissed and will be arguing and not be happy with squad. There were 5 years in Mainz with no transfer pr
  7. Tuchel never got sacked because of lack of points or performance. In Mainz he wanted to leave in order to make the next step. He did really well there for 5 years always developed the squad and was on average in all years together Top 5 of Bundesliga with Mainz who are usually way down in the table. In Dortmund it was a tough one with the boss who promised to keep at least one of the top 3 players (Mikyhtarian, Gündogan, Hummels). In the end all of them left and he was very unhappy with the squad afterwards. After that trouble with Watzke (BVB CEO) started.There were some weird communica
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