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  1. I'm fully jabbed and don't agree with her stance on the vaccines, but that's the point. She thinks people should have the right to voice their opinions, ask questions and disagree without "the mob" jumping on them. She spoke about her visit to China and how people were scared to speak their mind etc. She sympathised with the people but could do no more than that really. She is now genuinely scared of the way things are going in her own country now and I'm completely with her on that.
  2. No, I do not think racism is a major problem in this country. If it was, then people would be voting for a political party that has racist policies, as they do in South Africa. Here, the likes of the BNP barely register in elections, while non whites fill some of the most important positions in the cabinet. We've had the housing minister make an urgent call for quality 3 and 4 bedroom houses to home thousands of Afghans. Furthermore, why are migrants desperate to get out of France and come here if we are so racist? I would ask the question of why those of you who hate this "racist country" so much continue to live here?
  3. Sorry, I missed the bit about recorded level of hate crimes. I would never dare trivialise a genuine hate crime, but some of the incidents reported as hate crimes are downright laughable and an insult to anyone who has suffered a genuine hate crime. These "crimes" can be as trivial as someone taking offence to someone saying something they didn't like. There's even been people have the police call round their house because a person dared to say they didn't think trans women were real women. It's come to something when someone like Nicki Minaj becomes a voice of sensible reason.
  4. Clubs have been banning fans for years now and schools are heavily promoting anti racism too.
  5. I'm not trivialising the numbers, just putting the relitively tiny numbers into perspective. We do not, never have and never will live a perfect world where everyone loves, likes or even just respects one another.,but this country does it as well as any other and a lot better than most. Sadly, you're always going to get some people here and there with nothing better to do than spew out hate to all kinds of people for all kinds of different reasons and racism is just one reason. But do you seriously think for one minute footballers taking a knee is going to stop someone from being a racist? Of course it won't! And how long should this go for?.Until not one black footballer ever receives a racist tweet? What I would say is that there would be significantly less online abuse if the players did not align themselves to such a devisive political movement. There was a fraction of this when the players were all behind kick it out. That is the movement they should have stuck with and promoted more heavily than they did.
  6. Can you please name one country in the world with a very racially mixed population, which has less racism than this country? The numbers of people dishing out this online abuse out of a population of some 67 million is absolutely miniscule! So number is "very rare' to you? We don't have a popular political party wanting to murder the black Brits. Furthermore, why don't BLM starting calling for sporting boycotts of countries that do not have and do not want multi racial societies like ours? You can start with every country in Eastern Europe. Japan, China, Pakistan, Indiia.
  7. He's in the same boat as Werner, CHO, Pulisic and Ziyech - Not consistently doing enough. Could add Mount to that list as well.
  8. But the BLM movement is supported by the EFF, South Africa's 3rd largest political party. A lovely, anti-racist party who sing songs about murdering the whites and forcibly removing whites from the country.
  9. He did score "that goal" so I'll always have a bit of a soft spot for Gronkjear, but boy, he was wildly erratic! Some great natural gifts, but too often a case of his feet being too quick for his football brain.
  10. Resale value should be taken into account when you splash out a massive amount on a player. Yes, his goal tally so far has been up to par, but not his performances against the two top 6 teams he's faced. That's the point his critics have always held against him and nothing seems to have changed. Name one club who has won the EPL with a flat track bully as their main striker? They get found out in far too many of the big games and that's why you don't see the likes of City or Liverpool going in for these type of technically deficient battering ram strikers.I've never been a fan of this type of striker and I never will. As for a better option? Well, that's the job of our scouts to go and find one. Personally, I would have kept Tammy (he didn't get a fair crack under TT) and fiddled through with what we have until we found the right striker.
  11. I am critical of Marina agreeing to pay 100 million for a flat track bully who'll have little resale value at the end of his contract. I think it's another awful, Kepa, level panic buy deal. Imo, we should have waited until we could buy a better value for money striker and in the meantime find a way of getting more out of our players who have far greater technical ability than this big lump.
  12. I don't think Lukaku is worth close to what we paid for him. In the two games against top six teams this season, he's looked rather ordinary, as he always has been against the top six in this country.
  13. As with CHO, Werner's stock rises when he's not getting much playing time. Can't write him off just yet, but we can't afford to wait forever for him to stop making such a hash of things when in good positions For me, he's the most frustrating player we've had since Gronkjear.
  14. We all know about his technical ability on the ball, but what's standing out for me at the moment is his level of fitness. His movement has never been better and he's so full of energy.
  15. He's played an awful lot of football for a young player. I think he just looks mentally and physically jaded and maybe being dropped for a few games will do him good.
  16. Mount and Havertz have been pretty poor so far this season, not just today. Time to give Pulisic and Werner a chance!
  17. Nevermind win it, we are not going to challenge for the title until we get a classy, creative midfielder and better wide players. Too many 6/10 level players in crucial area's who can only occasionally show some real class.
  18. Yes, but for a so called world class striker who cost just under 100 million, we should expect him to do something other than rely on others putting things on a plate for him. Salah, Kane and other real class strikers can do it. We're facing one of the top six, and so far he looks exactly like the flat track bully he has always been in the EPL. Same when he faced Liverpool.
  19. The next two league game will tell us a lot about where we are.
  20. My understanding of her job is that she has complete control of buying, selling and contracts. Probably the best in the league at selling. Buying? Kai is a talent but he still has a long way to go before he proves he's worth what we paid for him. Chilwell is struggling to hold down his position as first choice LB. At best the 45 million is no more than he's worth. Who would pay 50 million for Werner now? Too early to say anything about Saul. What about the fees for Drinkwater, Batshuayi and Bakayoko? Then there's big mistake of not selling CHO for a massive fee for a completely unproven player and then handing him a huge contract for which he did nothing to earn.
  21. And they missed out by one point the season before when City bagged a ton of points. We lack the attacking aggression, creativity and firepower of those two teams and until we find it I cannot see us challenging for the title. Even Utd look a better bet than us, which is why I think we'll be fighting for 4th again.
  22. Or a Spurs player simply wanting a winners medal
  23. I said Liverpool and City, so why are you singling out Liverpool? As I clearly said, home and away against all teams, they both play without any fear and their first aim is to win rather than TT's, which is not to lose. They go out with the attitude of you score two and we'll score 3. Huge difference to way TT is setting us up. The way we play, to win the league we are relying on those two teams to have below par season's. We won't win it relying teams to consistently miss their chances and us keep on knicking lots of games by one goal.
  24. That's true! There's no comparison between what CHO and Rudi are giving to the team Apparently, CHO is turning it on in training but freezing when it comes to matches. If that is the case then it must be mental rather the effects of the injury preventing him playing at a good level. .
  25. I meant to say we don't win big matches in the style Liverpool do. Home or away against every opposition, they play to win and play without fear. Look at the recent game against the most woeful Arsenal team in living memory. We strolled to a 2 goal win instead of slaughtering them by 5 or 6 . City and Liverpool have changed the way teams win the league and our way of playing won't be enough and quite frankly, doesn't deserve to be enough.
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