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  1. He's played an awful lot of football for a young player. I think he just looks mentally and physically jaded and maybe being dropped for a few games will do him good.
  2. Mount and Havertz have been pretty poor so far this season, not just today. Time to give Pulisic and Werner a chance!
  3. Nevermind win it, we are not going to challenge for the title until we get a classy, creative midfielder and better wide players. Too many 6/10 level players in crucial area's who can only occasionally show some real class.
  4. Yes, but for a so called world class striker who cost just under 100 million, we should expect him to do something other than rely on others putting things on a plate for him. Salah, Kane and other real class strikers can do it. We're facing one of the top six, and so far he looks exactly like the flat track bully he has always been in the EPL. Same when he faced Liverpool.
  5. The next two league game will tell us a lot about where we are.
  6. My understanding of her job is that she has complete control of buying, selling and contracts. Probably the best in the league at selling. Buying? Kai is a talent but he still has a long way to go before he proves he's worth what we paid for him. Chilwell is struggling to hold down his position as first choice LB. At best the 45 million is no more than he's worth. Who would pay 50 million for Werner now? Too early to say anything about Saul. What about the fees for Drinkwater, Batshuayi and Bakayoko? Then there's big mistake of not selling CHO for a massive fee for a completely unproven player and then handing him a huge contract for which he did nothing to earn.
  7. And they missed out by one point the season before when City bagged a ton of points. We lack the attacking aggression, creativity and firepower of those two teams and until we find it I cannot see us challenging for the title. Even Utd look a better bet than us, which is why I think we'll be fighting for 4th again.
  8. Or a Spurs player simply wanting a winners medal
  9. I said Liverpool and City, so why are you singling out Liverpool? As I clearly said, home and away against all teams, they both play without any fear and their first aim is to win rather than TT's, which is not to lose. They go out with the attitude of you score two and we'll score 3. Huge difference to way TT is setting us up. The way we play, to win the league we are relying on those two teams to have below par season's. We won't win it relying teams to consistently miss their chances and us keep on knicking lots of games by one goal.
  10. That's true! There's no comparison between what CHO and Rudi are giving to the team Apparently, CHO is turning it on in training but freezing when it comes to matches. If that is the case then it must be mental rather the effects of the injury preventing him playing at a good level. .
  11. I meant to say we don't win big matches in the style Liverpool do. Home or away against every opposition, they play to win and play without fear. Look at the recent game against the most woeful Arsenal team in living memory. We strolled to a 2 goal win instead of slaughtering them by 5 or 6 . City and Liverpool have changed the way teams win the league and our way of playing won't be enough and quite frankly, doesn't deserve to be enough.
  12. Marina is excellent at getting good fees for our players but not so good in the buying and other aspects of her job.
  13. He's not in the same league as a primetime Terry or Gallas, but I'd rate him as good as any current CB below VVD. I'd also rate Christensen at that level too.
  14. Rudi has been our best player since the turn of year and deserves a significant pay rise, but the club shouldn't be held to ransom with threats to leave if he doesn't get what he wants. Talk of 200 k a week is just stupid money, but so are the wages for the rather average Chilwell and and few others. It's a difficult decision to make by the club though! Another one on the horizon is what to do with Kante and Pulisic. As good as they both are, what use are they when they are constantly getting injured? We can get by without Kante, but a fit and in form Pulisic is the only player we have with skills to actually run at defenders and skin them. Been such a disappointing signing.
  15. You say it's a "work in progress" but I haven't seen the slightest bit of difference to anything he's tried to do since his first match in charge. We don't win big matches like Liverpool did tonight. We don't crush teams like City do. There's very little swagger, style, flair or excitement with us. Everything is an ultra safety first pragmatic grind. Cheer when a goal goes in and we win the game, but far too much in-between is zzzz. Jose mark 2. With our resources we should be capable of more than this.
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