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  1. Exactly! There's a world of difference between a dumb 19 year college kid out partying, getting drunk, and do some dumb sh*t; vs a 19 year old professional athlete on the book of one of the biggest clubs in the world and making millions of dollars a year. And "rape" is not just another dumb sh*t that kids do, it's a serious crime. With that said, he's still consider innocent until proven guilty.
  2. I really love to see Gilmour develops over the next few years, but if RLC is health; I am afraid Gilmour might not have too many chances to get on the pitch.
  3. From the man himself. Nice. Looks like he and RLC and a closed door game, that's good news. Progress.
  4. The rumors in the US is he's "super close" to coming back. Not sure what exactly that means, or what/who was the source.
  5. Having the guts and balls to pull a move like that against the best team in the league, this kid got future.
  6. Alonso in a back 4 looks like a big liability.
  7. Barkley is so SLOW, both with the ball on his feet and his soccer IQ, it's criminal he's playing at this level. How the hell did he make the England squad?
  8. Damn set pieces again. What the hell they do in training every day?
  9. Thanks. Hopefully some good news on the injury front tomorrow.
  10. Lol. Glad to hear. Make sure you don't fall off the sofa this weekend 😂😂
  11. He's not German, so he's won't be going to Bayern. More likely Madrid or Barca, with PSG a long shot.

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