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  1. As a young, talented, and still developing footballer; it's critical that he plays consistently at a very high level. And that will be incredibly difficult to do at Chelsea. I believe a 2 year loan will do him wonders. That's exactly what Hakimi did. Went from Real Madrid to Dortmund for 2 years and became a complete player, who's now worth $60-$80M.
  2. That truly is CRAZY money to put on a 20 year old. I honestly don't think we're going to see Neymar kind of money (inflation adjusted) any time soon. He could turn out to be a major flop in the EPL.
  3. That's INSANE! Does Hazard even make that much before he left?
  4. That sure is a heck of a lot of money put on a 20 yr old. Sure he looks sexy now in the Bundi, but what's to guarantee it will translate in the EPL? Werner was scoring goals for fun for years in the Bundi. 200M is a HUGE gamble. Unless Maria works her magic and bring that number down to around 100M.
  5. That PK was very well taken. It surprised me quite a bit.
  6. Dave probably had more experiences with trophies 😂 I know it's just a Concacaf Nations League trophy, but it's always a good thing for young players to win trophies and titles. Hope this give him a bit more confidence boost and swag. Also, he was the Captain for the team in a title match. That's quite an honor.
  7. I really can't see Pulisic being sold, probably fake news. Who can afford his wages and fees? The Spanish and Italian clubs are in financial mess. Chelsea probably don't want to sell to another EPL team. That leaves just PSG and Bayern, and I think those teams already got enough quality attackers/wingers on their rosters. Pulisic is 22, and we all know what he can bring when healthy and in form. He just need to bring that consistency throughout the season. It's very realistic to see him at Chelsea next season, see if he can bring that productivity and consistency, if not then maybe i
  8. I think it will change, it has to. And the 2 reasons why it will change IMO, are these: 1 - Internet 2 - Social media As you see more and more people turning away from NHL and MLB, you see more (especially the younger adults) are turning to soccer. Like Valpo said, change takes time. But at least soccer is trending in the right direction in the US; and readily available access to soccer contents and their stars are the key driver/enabler of this change.
  9. Damn RM, did they bought all those trophies?
  10. Pulisic started 4 of the last 5 EPL games Pulisic started 1 of the last 5 CL games, and played significant minutes in the other 4. This concept of Pulisic being a "super sub" needs to go away. As an American, sure I love to see him start in the CL Final but his form has been off this season and he had yet to "force" TT to start him every game. I am confident that next season, he will find his boots again and become an undisputed starer. Chelsea will push for EPL title next season, as well as defending their CL trophy and Pulisic have the chance to make himself a key c
  11. Disagree. If he wants to be a big boy at a big club, he's got to fight and earn his spot. Nothing is given. Pulisic isn't going anywhere.
  12. Very happy for Christian, he made American soccer history today. I think his partnership with Kai in the attack next season will be a wonderful thing for Chelsea.
  13. I am not English I am not a blue But I am still so f**king happy Congrats you all. Woooooohhhooooooooo
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