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  1. Was coming here to ask the same question. Haven't heard anything about his injury status. Still expected to return by mid Feb?
  2. You all know Kovacic going to sit next game. Shame
  3. I am afraid new players are not going to fix it. This team has many fundamental flaws. It's obvious Frank has not been able to inspired this team. If you can't play inspired football with a passion and win at home, that's a huge indictment on the coaching staff.
  4. That's a bit disappointing. I haven't watch much of Dortmund this season. I thought he was quite mature and didn't do any of those foolish things last year.
  5. This so far has been the biggest flaw in the Lampard's era, and to be fair it's still a very short era. Can he get better at this? Sure, hopefully he does it quick. You can no longer keep blaming the players, the big part of this has to be the coaching. I swear Championship teams can defend set pieces than this team.
  6. Agreed. Mount does have some nice wicked deliveries. Part of being a manager, a boss, is making the most difficult decisions that others can't or don't want to.
  7. Not exactly. I rarely see Sancho does stupid things like that. And I've seen quite a bit of Sancho last season, not so much this season though.
  8. I think Lamp has some flexibility here. If he wants to try Pulisic as CAM, that mean he has Willian, CHO, Pedro, and Mount as 4 options at wingers. Mount had a very serviceable run as LW earlier on in the season.
  9. To be honest, I don't blame Kante for these losses. He's not a terrible player. He's just not being utilized appropriately. The bigger blame goes to Lampard for not able to get the best out of Kante.
  10. This right here ^^^^^^ Every players and coaches make mistakes, but if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? That says a lot about your qualities, or lack thereof.
  11. Frank HAS TO STEP UP and owes this game. It's the 7th or 8th time at least that he has lost points in games like these.
  12. I get that he has talents, but there's a game to be won here. Moves like that are not going to win games. Well, unless you're Ronaldinho.
  13. And people complain why he doesn't start every game.
  14. Glad I wasn't the one who noticed that. Like WTF?
  15. This is where you really need Puisic on the bench. It pushes Willian to actually perform.

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