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  1. This weekend will tell us if he's back to form. Decent performance today.
  2. 4-0 and top the group, a good day in my book. Lamp should stop experimenting with the lineup and stick with the 4-3-3 with Pulisic as the attacking LW and Mount somewhere in the midfield. This team can benefit greatly with both Pulisic and Mount on the field together, in their proper positions.
  3. Jorgie is too slow/weak for me to sit in front of the back four. I would rather park Kante there to clean up the messes. And tell him to do exactly just that. I'll bring in Mount along side Havertz. With that set up, you have: Havertz - linking with front 3 Mount - pressing the midfield Kante - clean up anything that got pass the middle
  4. Frank def deserve credits for the game today. Solid first half, late 2nd half was a little rattled, but still a very good point won.
  5. Not a good day at the office.
  6. lmao....chill and grab a drink. but if he's really out for another extended period of time, his career might be in jeopardy.
  7. Mendy & Silva MOTM.....rock solid int he back. The front 3 was a bit disappointing. Seems they need a few more games to gel.
  8. Damn that boy MENDY He's going to be the difference maker this season.
  9. Silva just blocked Cavani. I bet he was waiting to do that from all those times they spent together at PSG.
  10. That was more difficult then it seems, Macguire hair got a lick on it.
  11. Kovacic for Jorgie please. Pogba is pushing him aorund.
  12. Just wait until Pulisic, Kai, and Timmo all on the same page. That attack will be flying
  13. MEndy coming of his line and threw his boy at the ball....that's NEWS
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