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  1. LOL Frankly, this whole squad deserve some bench time. Even the manager.
  2. You resort to running and sprinting like headless chickens, when you lack smarts and skills. Skills alone is not enough to win, hard work alone does not win; it requires both actually.
  3. Ziyech is a great crosser/passer of the ball, but he's not dynamic as CHO or Pulisic as a winger. I love to see CHO and Pulisic has a few games together and see what they can do. Maybe we'll see it, maybe not.
  4. Hate to say it, but it's clear Pulisic need sometimes on the bench to reignite that "fire in his belly". We all know he has it. CHO is in good form right now and deserve more minutes/starts, but miles ahead? Frankly, no one has stood out or perform to their potentials over the past 5-6 weeks. There's a bigger underlying issue here, than just players' form. Just IMHO.
  5. Great observation. That's a huge reason why this team is so predictable, endless crosses into the box for no one.
  6. This would be a BIG reason to let Frank ride it out, and see if he could turn things around. Then re-assess in the summer.
  7. This ^^^ If you want to keep Timo on the pitch and also bring in a CF in Giroud, you have to move to a 3-5-2, and move Pulisic in the center. Chillwell and James are you attacking wingbacks.
  8. I agreed. He's nowhere near the form that he showed us towards the end of last season. His body languages tells us all we need to know. He's clearly frustrated with himself. He knew can do much better with the ball, however things are just not clicking for him right now. It seems his legs and body can't execute on what his brains wanted to do. I am confident that he'll come back to form, hopefully soon. Maybe a bit of rest on the bench a few games might be good for him; and Timo as well.
  9. This sums it up very well. No matter what happens, nothing will take away the fact that Frank is a Chelsea LEGEND. And there's nothing to say that he can't be a fantastic manager one day in the future. But if you can take a moment to think logically and clearly, the fact is that this job might have come a bit too early for Frank in his managerial career. And as I have said before, it wasn't his fault that the job was handed to him. If Frank eventually get sacked, I blame the board rather than Frank.
  10. It was Pulisic. He's been doing that the last couple of games. Created the pass which lead to the assist and goal.
  11. Probably the most boring, un-creative, flat, and offensively lacking midfield trio.
  12. What's wrong with moving the ball quick? Why is everything so slow and predictable?
  13. Pulisic has been poor, as is everyone on the pitch today. The number of errand passes and give aways are horrendous.
  14. Now, it's time to see which players still have the heart and fight in him.
  15. This is the day where I truly feel SAD for Frank.
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