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  1. Someone posted this in another forum and wanted to share it here. Strangely, both are nominated for the Young POTY award this season. These two could potentially win a few trophies together.
  2. Might as well upgrade that CM/DM. That is the cause of much of the defensive issues.
  3. As I stated earlier in the thread. Going into this, you know 100% this is not a winnable game. I was hoping/expecting Lamp to give the newer/younger kids some experiences by putting them on the pitch early. Missed opportunity.
  4. Just saw an awesome strike from CHO, went take a piss, come back and no goal. WTF
  5. Was hoping to see a few young academy kids given the chances to start tonight.
  6. That's GREAT news. Is that coming from Chelsea staff?
  7. the real question here is does Lamp have confidence in CHO? That's all that matters. In a game where you're chasing a trophy, you rather sub in a semi retired Pedro Instead of a young talent, jt's quite telling for me. And this was not an isolated incident.
  8. In a match where your forwards got lots of attentions, and your midfield and defense stays relatively quiet; you know you had a good game. The midfield and defense do their jobs, when they're not talked about often. These are the types of matches you want, you're guarantee to get many points from them.
  9. Nothing controversial. I am sure Madrid would take Pulisic in this swap in a heart beat. Pulisic got another 8-10 years of prime in him, whereas Hazard maybe have 3-4 prime years left? Hazard is a proven commodity for sure, but I think it's worth to take a risk on Pulisic if I am Madrid. However, it seems Pulisic is finding his groove with Chelsea. I love for him to stay and win many trophies with Chelsea in the coming years.
  10. Ouch....tried searching Google, have not find any news either.
  11. Any updates yet on the hamstring?

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