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  1. Now that is a name I've completely forgotten. Very sad.
  2. This is a good and fair take. The best thing that can be done right now is managing his fitness and game time, as he's still working to full recovery. You can see that Pulisic checked himself out of a game as soon as he feels something is not quite right. Rather be safe than sorry.
  3. I have to agree with others here about Mount. As of right now and this season, Mount is the most importance and productive player for Chelsea. Period. Pulisic brings a different skillsets to the game, if he he can do what he did late last season for a whole entire season; then there's argument to be made that he's the best player on the roster. But it's not a about who's best, why can't we have two best players? If Pulisic and Mount can both stay healthy and remain on top form, this Chelsea team would be a beast to compete against.
  4. What an incredible player he's becoming. I wasn't too bought in with Mount earlier last season, but he definitely grew quite a bit. Wouldn't surprise me if he'll be wearing that arm band in a few years.
  5. DAMN...Pulisic got American Football tackle there....that hurts
  6. Get another goal in and kill of these bunch diving bi*******.....
  7. Giroud and Pulisic...good moves Timo and Havertz needs a spell on the bench, to be honest.
  8. I think TT needs to grab his balls and make some halftime changes. This team frankly looks like sh*te right now.
  9. Don't really know why Gilmore is not given minutes. Against teams with some speed and press, Jorgie is quite useless.
  10. I actually would love to see Gilmour in this match.
  11. Any updates on his injuries from the team or manager?
  12. Yeah, can't argue with that. When I look at Mount, I am little envious. Mount is the type of player that is just unbreakable, even if you put a hammer to his knees. Some players are just blessed with exceptional DNA.
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