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  1. Pep outclassed TT today. Could have been 0-3 if not for Mendy and Silva. Onto the next.
  2. Alonso...WTF Pull him already, save this man from further embarrassing himself today.
  3. Yeah 1 shot, 0 on target...TT has been terrible today.
  4. TT with a master stroke move in the 2nd half.
  5. Completely forgot this was two German managers in the game.
  6. He really need to just keep his head down and keep working. A bit too much pointing and hand throwing.
  7. With all that EPL money and they still can't hire/buy better refs.
  8. Agreed. Seems like wasted money and a huge risk. Bring back Barkley if you need reinforcement in the midfield.
  9. Anyone knows if Pulisic is back to training yet?
  10. Not so sure about that. Scoring load of goals in the BL doesn't guarantee you'll do the same in the PL. Just ask Werner and Kai.
  11. I really can't see RLC getting any minutes. As an attacker, he's got Werner, Kai, Mount, Pulisic ,and Ziyech ahead of him. As a midfielder, he's looking at Jorgie, Kovacic, and Kante. As for CHO, I think most of his minutes will be coming from WB.
  12. A lot of you are really discounting Pulisic's fight & will. He wants to be at the best clubs in the world to prove himself and compete, Chelsea is that club. He's not going anywhere unless Chelsea decides they no longer wants him. Pulisic did not leave the USA at 16 because he wants the easy route, he wants to be the best (he can be) so he'll definitely stay and fight for minutes. I am confident that he will makes it very difficult for TT to sit him, the only question is can he stay healthy.
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