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  1. not being old enough to remember osgood pre 1970 can someone tell us how quick he was (if at all). We all know what happened at blackpool in 66 and that he put on two stone and was never quite the same player, but what was his style of play before then?
  2. Speaking of Leeds I watched the documentary on YouTube of last seasons campaign narrated by Russell Crowe ffs. Next season will be interesting as they’re not too keen on lampard for one cause of ‘spygate’. While entertaining I can’t get with this back where we belong bs that fans come out with,or in the soapies case back on top where we belong.imagine if our fans said that?
  3. I'm happy for him as he was struggling a bit before the lay-off. Bags of potential there, and as usual written off by some before he kicked a ball for us. ' sancho's pushed him out of the dortmund team so why would we go for second best blah blah'
  4. I can go one better, I dont hate spurs!!!!! any club that feels a need to have a sense of outrage when another club gets a rich benefactor and becomes successful as a consequence (i.e liverpool, in particular) gets my vote. Lets not forget some mickey mousers were having a dig at us when they (city ) were taken over saying that they were a club with history. Now theyre just another club on their hate list. Who next Newcastle?
  5. Not and never have been a Rangers fan or Celtic for that matter. makes no difference to me who wins it up the road.
  6. I think we need a left back who can cross a ball!
  7. kennypaul

    Nathan Ake

    Have to agree with Scott for a change and besides one of the only commanding shorter centre backs ive ever seen was cannavaro. if he was as good as him it would be a no-brainer
  8. Not everybody mate. I didn’t and I know plenty of people who thought that we would score goals. Tammy was obviously better than Bamford for example.
  9. Especially the joker who said we’d lose seven nil!
  10. and pretty much advising a veteran of a thousand plus posts to consider his future on the site ? yeah gotta be mate
  11. I haven’t lived in every country so I am not qualified as to where to rate it’s tolerance level, for one. You still didn’t answer the question by the way,so let’s agree that you are not qualified to make such definitive statements about reasons of emigration shall we.
  12. not by me it isn't. Look back at what you posted. Opinions are one thing but the degree of certainty you put in there "you cannot argue" and you brought up the subject of ancestors mate not me. where's the proof that you know why every person came to Britain? like i said spouting off like youre some expert.
  13. I remember also the save a job deport a w#g leaflets that used to go around back then as well, however there are some now who say things weren't that bad back then ffs. The world is a mucked up place. But i personally think that unless the evidence is conclusive then innocent until proven guilty. If the man charged truly lost his job what does that say about his employers?
  14. "People of all sorts of different backgrounds, white, black, brown, asian whatever grow up with challenges in their life independent of their race. Britain is one of the most open and tolerant Societies in the world you cannot argue that, otherwise your ancestors would of not moved to it. " What are you talking about friend? have you spoken to people who came to Britain in the fifties and sixties from the Caribbean and other parts of the commonwealth? to reduce it down to just how tolerant the locals were which was not exactly the case is just plain ignorance. get a bit of education on the subject before spouting off like you're some kind of race relations expert.
  15. Was at that game i think one of nevin's goals was a trip round the keeper if memory serves. Was a black player on the Barnsley team who copped it big time from some bloke in the benches. No need to say what I thought of him.
  16. Yeah got a bit of abuse back then I was told, but not by the fans
  17. IIF? Mate I wouldn’t care if it was only for one season I would be staggered if he didn’t rip the premier league apart.
  18. Couldn’t care less mate this finally puts to rest the bleeding hearts theory that his dismissal from Chelsea was gonna make United great and bite us on the arse. too many excuses made in his last few seasons. Ta ta
  19. Thats a good thing as far as i'm concerned. nothing worse than clubs and fans having a sense of entitlement
  20. Remember the other Chelsea fan some of us wanted to sign.? He wasn't good enough either
  21. I wouldn't bet on it the petulance part that is

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