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  1. bitter and twisted man. I'll never forget him and I think Ronnie Harris piling in on Chelsea and Gullit in particular before the FA cup game with Liverpool in 97 on the radio. He must have been gutted when they won it. He was one of the three wasnt he? Best Law Charlton, Harvey Kendall Ball, Lee Summerby Bell, Osgood Cooke Hudson. Chopper said in an interview I saw that they were the flair players, the ballers as they say nowadays.
  2. the hypocrisy of the whole thing in regards to great clubs and clubs with history gets me. You probably wouldnt find many Liverpool fans saying Leeds dont have any History, yet apart from that ten year period in the first division under revie what did they win before that? stupid kin song. Rant over.
  3. technically an ex i hear mourinho is after suarez. Kane, Son, Suarez?
  4. And all the while you cant help but think that were gonna get striped at the last moment.
  5. A real English player? as opposed to a fake one?
  6. of course I would never want them to win it but The possible sting of that if it ever occurred would be minor as we won it first.
  7. You were right to post it. They were quite ubiquitous back then at the bridge, though some revisionists like to state otherwise.
  8. not being old enough to remember osgood pre 1970 can someone tell us how quick he was (if at all). We all know what happened at blackpool in 66 and that he put on two stone and was never quite the same player, but what was his style of play before then?
  9. Speaking of Leeds I watched the documentary on YouTube of last seasons campaign narrated by Russell Crowe ffs. Next season will be interesting as they’re not too keen on lampard for one cause of ‘spygate’. While entertaining I can’t get with this back where we belong bs that fans come out with,or in the soapies case back on top where we belong.imagine if our fans said that?
  10. I'm happy for him as he was struggling a bit before the lay-off. Bags of potential there, and as usual written off by some before he kicked a ball for us. ' sancho's pushed him out of the dortmund team so why would we go for second best blah blah'
  11. I can go one better, I dont hate spurs!!!!! any club that feels a need to have a sense of outrage when another club gets a rich benefactor and becomes successful as a consequence (i.e liverpool, in particular) gets my vote. Lets not forget some mickey mousers were having a dig at us when they (city ) were taken over saying that they were a club with history. Now theyre just another club on their hate list. Who next Newcastle?
  12. Not and never have been a Rangers fan or Celtic for that matter. makes no difference to me who wins it up the road.
  13. I think we need a left back who can cross a ball!
  14. Have to agree with Scott for a change and besides one of the only commanding shorter centre backs ive ever seen was cannavaro. if he was as good as him it would be a no-brainer
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