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  1. LOL f**k off ziyech, if this is true
  2. Zero expectations from this. I didn't feel that we will playing a final lol
  3. 2010–11 Chelsea F.C. season - Wikipedia For example, look what we did in this season. We manage out Deco, Ballack, Belletti, Carvalho and Joe Cole and in Summer we just brought Ramires... we suffer from lack of a deep squad. Look at City. Have a strong 11 and a strong bech. With so much games, makes the difference The truth is that Chelsea squad still isn't good to fight for the title. Is enough to fight for top4, that we did in last 3 years. We have some good player but not a complete squad to fight for a title like EPL. Its is the reality. We have very luck to make top4 this year. We need to increase the quality of the squad. If we don't, it will be the same in next year.
  4. Same mistake as 2011, 2015 and 2017. After Chelsea winning EPL, the board can't do the right thing. Always the same mistakes... We lost 2011 EPL because we didn't have a good squad with good alternatives. We let go Ballack, Deco, etc... and we brought benayoun if I remember lol We simply don't know how to do after win a epl trophy, sadly
  5. FA Cup Final: Leicester hero Youri Tielemans reveals he was told by a friend to 'hit the top corner' | Daily Mail Online
  6. FA Cup Final: Leicester hero Youri Tielemans reveals he was told by a friend to 'hit the top corner' | Daily Mail Online
  7. supercup 2012 community shield 2012 world cup 2012 supercup 2013 world cup 2012 community shield 2015 fa cup 2017 community shield 2017 community shield 2018 carling cup 2019 supercup 2019 fa cup 2019 fa cup 2020 jesus christ. whats going on????
  8. The problem is not lose the final, but the line up that Tuchel choose. Nobody stars a final with Kepa and Alonso. Ok, the goal its not Kepa fault, but just the presence of him and not Mendy is not the same to the team. Its psychological thing the same happened agains Arsenal. Kepa just can't play again in this type of games. its impossible.
  9. Nobody talks about him?! Amazing performance!
  10. Pepe gets injured... Well, lets see if he becomes fits to play agains us
  11. Welcome to The Shed End Mário César :)

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