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  1. HT. Chile 0 - 0 Uruguay. Another half with no goals in this tournament. It is going to be a disaster for CONMEBOL if this trend continues. 8 games played, 5 of them draws, 3 of them scoreless draws. This Copa America needs a few goals, The star players are not shining at all, Messi, Sanchez, Neymar, Someone has to light up this tournament,
  2. I'm very excited about tonight's game. Chile V Uruguay. KO at 11:15pm Setanta/ESPN for people in the UK (and I just found out yesterday that people in Australia can watch it on Setanta too) These are really the two teams who in my opinion could take this Copa off the big guns, Argentina and Brazil, Chile have some great players. Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez are world class players they also have Mauricio Isla and Humberto Suazo. But Uruguay will be favorites with some fantastic players. Deigo Forlan, Luis Suarez, Edison Cavani, Godin, Caceras, Lugano, They really have a team full star players. Should be a great game,
  3. The people of Argentina will never consider Messi the best if he doesn't do it Argentina in the Copa America and World Cups. They are not happy that he left for Spain so young either. There are plenty of Argentinians that don't like him at all.
  4. Argentina V Colombia tonight. Love the Copa America. Falcao, Gaurin, Zapata for Colombia V Messi, Banega Aguero just to name a few for Argentina. 4 draws in the 1st 6 games. Time for a few winners to shine now.
  5. Wow, Just finished watching Uruguay V Peru. Defiantly the best game of the tournament so far. Wasn't expecting Peru to be so good but they were very impressive. But another draw what the hell is up with this years Copa. 4 draws in 5 games. Looking forward to Chile V Mexico next. Snachez, Vidal and Dos Santos are ones to watch,
  6. Come on Brazil. Ganso and Neymar start
  7. Colombia V Costa Rica at 7.30pm GMT Columbia have some top players. From FCPorto Radamel Falcao and Fredy Guarín. Also Hugo Rodallega, Cristián Zapata and Juan Zúñiga. Costa Rica don't have much, They are only aloud an Olympic squad
  8. Here is that great goal by Aguero last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alQCJ8GmPzk
  9. 1st match is tonight at 01:45 for people in the UK and Ireland. Argentina V Bolivia. You can watch the match live on Setanta Sports. My prediction is a comfortable win for Argentina. Bolivia would have had a chance if it was at altitude but this game is down in Buenos Aires and I fully expect Argentina to star off this tournament with a good win.
  10. Setanta Sports have every game live
  11. Here is a player that you need to keep an eye on. 24 year old, Arturo Vidal from Chile. He is a very versatile Midfielder who can play almost any position with the same high quality. I predict he will be signed by a Champions league team after a good Copa America.
  12. That is Neymar on the left and Ganso on the right. They both play for Santos FC and the Brazil national team
  13. 2 of our best young players getting ready for the Copa
  14. Mexico is an invited nation along with Costa Rica. Invited nations are only allow to use an Olympic squad. Young players U-22.
  15. All the players selected for the Brazil squad are all expected to play the full tournament. Mano Menezes said he is taking the Copa very seriously and he is not interested in listening to European clubs complaining about their players not returning. All players are free to return to the clubs on Tuesday the 27th of July. That is the day Ramires and Luiz will fly back to London

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