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  1. Thank you Chels! Thank you all boys and girls here! I am so, so,so happy! Fantastic performance.
  2. I am watching Werner, and every time MC starts their attack, Werner stays in offside position, negating any chance of getting an intercepted ball for our counterattack.
  3. Yes, I am guilty of that. But my God, Jorgi is not worthy shoe-lacing Mikel's boots.
  4. That is the thing. I personally do not want heroics, as heroic act usually amends someone else's f**k up. I just want to see a bunch of professionals with skills and some pride in what they do and achieve. Not much to ask, is it?
  5. Little correction: better than two Jorginhos at 100%
  6. I think when people call for a leader, they are calling for a performer, who works hard, does not give in and fights for the club as if it was his last game and sets an example for others.
  7. I think we have done really well this season considering how we nosedived under Lamps and also considering that our squad is so unbalanced - we either have very young, naive and too eager boys or too old struggling old timers. And we carry too much dead wood - the usual suspects who perform once a fortnight with just enough effort not to be kicked out in the cold. Tuchel is doing fine, but somebody must tell him that he tends to outsmart himself. It looks like we are going to invest smart this summer, so hopefully next season will bestow us with silverware.
  8. I appreciate everything that Dave has done for the club, but now he needs a rocking chair and a blanket on his lap to watch the game on the telly in comfort.
  9. On ESPN they are taking the piss out of Marriner. But it is no joke when the ref so blatantly fails his duty of honest refereeing. This was not a mistake or misjudgement, this was a pure example of corruption in sport and he should be publicly flogged, tarred and feathered and banned from football for life.
  10. And let him eat burgers and drink double sugar Cola - the boy needs to beef up
  11. Surely a certain John would help us to deal with Villa?
  12. You are right. We played with 10 men effectively. Pulisic made all wrong moves and decisions tonight. I like his talent, but, boy, does he need improvement big time.
  13. I can not stand that prick - he is such a pompous twat. I usually end up flooring c**ts like that.
  14. Looks like Chilli is not tuned to the rest of the team today
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