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  1. Arsenal are so mentally fragile that they will give up even before stepping onto the pitch. Typically I am overcautious, but this game outcome is dead certain even as we keep an eye on the FA Cup final.
  2. Yes, you are right. I forgot that bin-dippers had 34 games.
  3. When (not if) we beat the gooners, we will secure top 4 finish!
  4. True. He flaps his hands when running - similar to Sacha Cohen's Borat character.
  5. When James is switched on (and the majority of time this is the case), he is unstoppable.
  6. After the win I wonder if Andreas'es recovery will be miraculously fast. I know this is a cynical opinion, but I got a feeling that his injury was more of a blame avoidance exercise rather than the real physical problem. All is forgiven, come back, Andreas!
  7. f**k, yeah! Well done, boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Timo, how difficult is it to get out of off-side in a timely manner?
  9. Werner stays in a clear off-side while Pulisic is trying to pass the ball to him. Timo is completely unawares of his positioning. Needs to do better.
  10. Ziyech is off. Thanks f**k for that. He really pisses me off with his non-committal play.
  11. Tammy hasnt got physical presence, and the likes of Marcelo or Militao would rob him every single time. He would spend more time on the floor than upright.
  12. I find Kepa too jittery. Under any pressure he tends to lose his head completely. I stick with Mendy.
  13. I think the torrential downpour played against us and helped Ream Madrid a lot. We are much younger and much faster, and on a dry day (hopefully) on a good pitch we will definitely outplay them.
  14. The ref is a copper and professes himself as a straight and just law enforcer. Unfortunately, we all know that that kind of righteous knobs are the worst as they are busy to maintain their renome instead of actually ruling fairly and sensibly. He blew the whistle straight away, without even knowing the nature of extent of injury, stopping Kante running through on goal.
  15. I have shouted so many times at Jorginho on the telly to pass the ball to our players who make a dash, but the f**king prick is in the dreamland all the time.
  16. At this stage the priority should be to win this game, and Havertz for Timo would be my choice. If it affects Timo mentally and dents his confidence, so be it, but we can not afford to waste chances like he does.
  17. JJoking apart, Didier in his current state would be better than Timo. Timo's decisions and aiming is beyond annoying and is simply laughable. Event commentators taking the piss out of Timo's brainfarts.
  18. Vital 3 points, but we do not get them in style recently. However, I trust Tuchel to improve the squad with new players and also by getting the best from those who are not beyond any hope.
  19. Tammy so much reminds me of Demba Ba. We used to call him Bambi on Ice. You sneeze near him, and he falls over.
  20. You trust Timo to f**k it up in the most surest situation
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