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  1. Never liked Ferdinand, but really despise him since Terry's racial "incident". Ferdinand is a proper c**t, conniving sleazy turd.
  2. I am speechless, but still can type. Super performance from everyone, but I am most impressed by those who would normally give me all reasons to worry or make me shout at the screen, namely Zouma and Rudiger and to lesser extent Alonso. This trio was immense, especially Kurt and Tony. What a shift up in their work and mentality! Kudos to Tuchel for such a magnificent transformation of the tired, insipid and jaded team. Brilliant job, boys!
  3. Kante is not designed for passing. He is our Energizer Bunny to hassle and disrupt the oppositions midfield. I am perfectly happy with his a little more than occasional under passing and overrunning when he performs his main function tirelessly and doggedly.
  4. Jorgi is too fancy football-wise to my liking. He would absolutely unnecessarily over elaborate the simplest ball handling and more often than not f**k it up. Would not miss him at all if he goes.
  5. Yes, that is also a factor, but has nothing to do with execution quality, speed and awareness.
  6. I do not know statistics, but I am under impression that we are poor at 12 - 12.30 games, slow and lethargic.
  7. I like Pulisic a lot, but he is not in good shape at the moment and it does not help anybody to have him in starting 11.
  8. He is only human. I hope he does learn from this (rather than just say it).
  9. Werner is more athletic and spends less time on the floor. I am also frustrated that Werner keeps missing sure sitters and making bizarre decisions, but he presents a bigger challenge to oppositions defense than Abraham, at least in my opinion.
  10. HO has been outstanding today. So good, so refreshing and uplifting to see how TT brings the best out of our players.
  11. Jorgie keeps losing ball, he needs to keep it simple and fast
  12. Good results due to team and individual effort, due to good game plan and focus on job description. TT has restored confidence and calm rational thinking of many players and we can build further from there, fine-tuning game and execution. Couple of sharp tolls upfront, and we can dream big again.
  13. Just have to laugh, really. Timo Werner is now Timo Almost for me.
  14. Jorgie is asking for trouble showing off his dribbling skills in his own box
  15. Ziyech is running out of ideas how else to force TT to sub him
  16. Have always been anti-Christensen and thought of him as soft and panicky, but I have to admit - he's been quite good recently. Hope we maintains and improves this form.
  17. Happy with the draw. Work in progress. At least we maintained some semblance of order, did not run like headless chickens and actually tried something pre-planned. Better accuracy at passing and better execution of corner and free kicks, and we would get 3 points. Quite like us with TT in charge.
  18. This is both physical and mental problem - he falls down way too eagerly at the slightest challenge. And I would say it is more due to a lack of fighting mentality rather than physical form.
  19. Alonso is too slow and too fragile for this game. Chilli is correct choice. Ziyech will be subbed at HT for sure.
  20. Dont want to jinx it, but looks like we've got our mojo back. Well done, lads! Great effort, focus and determination from everyone!
  21. The only reason why Zouma and Rudi are played is due to their physical height. Both are dumb as f**k, can not place a simplest pass, have no awareness, no forward thinking, can not run, both are cumbersome and uncomfortable with the ball, and can operate only in three modes: ball-watching, giving up or total panic.
  22. I will be encouraged if TT makes changes at half time. At the moment we are way too slow in transition and void of ideas up front.
  23. He is in panic mode now. I fear he will screw up again and again in this game.
  24. A number of players have been put on the display to show their worth and they just blew it. I trust TT to clear the squad of dead wood this summer.
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