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  1. That's Johnny Boyle between Hudson & Chopper and Bobby Tambling at the end. Paddy is not in this team photo.
  2. It is Piccadilly. According to those that were there this photo was taken after they had "met" Leeds (some of them on the track).....This is Chelsea heading back to the Bridge for the game.
  3. Definitely Slaidburn Street and sorry to be pedantic but it's from 1970
  4. That's him.....Ginger Mick! It's the first time I've heard that song in ages and never noticed before that Brian sung it in a Scottish accent!! lol
  5. Their bassist, Mick Robinson, still goes to the Bridge these days. They had a single out called "We Are Lost" around the time they performed on the pitch. I saw them at the Rock Garden a couple of times. They split up when the lead singer f**ked off to the States to try and further his career...............
  6. I know that fella with Batesy. His name's Chris and he still goes home and away.
  7. I'm a good friend of Bubbles and believe me nothing would give him greater pleasure than seeing photos of him posted all over the gaff!!!
  8. That's Chris Matthews with the players...................I think!
  9. Apparently the fella between Bonetti & Eddie Mac was called Allan Young
  10. Back: Joe Kirkup, Jim Thomson (I think) , Chopper, Hinton, Cat, ????, Eddie Mac Middle : Tambling, Cooke, Alan Harris, Baldwin, Tony Hately Front: Houseman, Boyle, Fascione, Hollins
  11. Marty Feldman was a Chelsea fan. I saw him at e few games in the early 70's and once sat behind him at Palace away in the FA Cup in 1970
  12. Met him a couple of times when he worked in Edgware.....Top fella!
  13. Haha! Yea I know mate.....knowing my cousin as I do I can just picture it. He would have pissed himself laughing too :)

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