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Jose allegedly punches a Utd Fan!

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Didn't see it posted here yet, so apologies if the story is hiding in a thread somewhere.

Mourinho 'assault' investigated

Police are investigating an allegation of common assault made against Jose Mourinho after a Champions League tie.

It has been alleged the Inter Milan manager punched a supporter as he left Old Trafford stadium after his team's defeat by Manchester United.

Police have contacted United to request CCTV footage of the area and have confirmed a complaint has been made.

A spokesman for Manchester United confirmed they are aware of the allegation but made no further comment.

The fan is alleged to have chanted, "You're going home, you're going home" to the former Chelsea manager.

He later went into Stretford police station, close to Old Trafford, to report the alleged attack.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: "Just before midnight on Wednesday 11 March 2009 a man reported he'd been punched in the face outside Old Trafford.

"Police are investigating this common assault allegation. Inquiries are ongoing."

The allegation came after Mourinho watched his team crash out of the Champions League after Nemanja Vidic and Cristiano Ronaldo scored for United at the start of each half.

Mourinho has come under attack from the Italian media for his failure to get Inter through to the last eight teams in the competition.

The plane taking the Inter party back to Milan left Manchester at 0025 GMT.


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good lad jose, hes only done what most of us want to do. and this chant "You're going home, you're going home" is that the worst chant ever? of course hes bloody going home you numpty. mancs eh, cant live ith em, cant kill em.

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Youre not gonna believe this, but a quick look around one of their forums and most of their fans are actually defending him, and insinuating some idiot supporter got paid to make it up. And thats not a minority opinion.

In any event, its sounding less likely with every new development. Supporter required no treatment, didnt report it to the police, and security surrounded Jose from the whistle and were around him until he left the premises. Also, I dont know the distance of the Airport in Manchester to Salford, but according to the story the incident was just before midnight, and by 12:25 the Inter team were already on a plane to Milan.

If I had to guess, someone tried to stir the pot, maybe being encouraged by someone in the press, and when he didnt get a black eye he just made it up. And we all know Jose wouldve battered him if he really wanted to :)

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Personally I hope the manc was an old fella with a walking stick and some mobile phone footage turns up of Jose giving the bloke a Rodney King style beating.

That might just be enough to ensure he doesn't take over when Old Red Nose retires.

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