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Palace deducted a point


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Slightly ridiculous penalty though isn't it - every time there is a fine for fielding an ineligible player the penalty seems to differ.

I think it differ's on the players height, his hairstyle and what colour boots he wears. Heaven forbid if we ever did something along these lines!!

Did West Hams punishment differ becuase Lord Trev is high up within the FA? Were they infact punished? How come Tevez was ineligible to be loaned to WH by a company but not Man Utd?

I remember West Ham under Redknapp forfitted a game or it had to be replayed because the fielded Omi Ominwamani (spelling), and do recall the AFC Wimbledon one but can't remember the circumstances. Seems they just make it up as they go along.

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Didn't AFC Wimbledon get booted out of a competition for doing the same thing? There's no consistency at all.

Yes. They were kicked out of the 2006/07 FA Trophy for fielding an ineligible player, Jermaine Darlington - not as bad as it sounds, the player didn't sign a form which 'foreign' players need to sign to confirm he has no outstanding bans. The ridiculous thing is, his previous club was Cardiff City, who obviously play in the English League, yet are deemed 'foreign' by the FA.

As well as being kicked out of the FA Trophy, a competition that AFC Wimbledon had a very good chance of winning that year, they were docked 18 points in the Rymans League, all the points gained by using the player in question. This was reduced to three points on appeal, but this still meant that AFC missed out on promotion.

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Imagine the chaos that would currently be going on if Palace had scraped into the playoffs by a point and then got promoted! Imagine if he had scored and stopped Sheff Utd getting into the play offs!

Someone at Selhurt Park needs their arse kicking though. How could they miss that!!! Makes us look well run.

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