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Gerrard - deluded

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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This is pure comedy:

Steven Gerrard has described referee Howard Webb's decision not to award Liverpool a penalty during their 1-0 defeat to Arsenal last night as "crazy".

Arsenal captain Cesc Fábregas admitted after the match that he handled Gerrard's stoppage-time free-kick and although television replays suggested the incident was outside the area, Gerrard was left fuming at missing out on a chance to salvage a point and maintain the club's unbeaten run.

"The referee told the Liverpool wall in the first half that if anyone raises their arms above their waist he was going to give a penalty," said midfielder. "So for some crazy reason he didn't give it.

"He told me after the game he hadn't seen it. It was unbelievable and I can't believe he didn't see someone raise their hands in the wall.

"We know over the course of a season sometimes you will get decisions and sometimes you won't, but something so clear as that was hard to take, especially with the referee being Howard Webb. I would say he is one of the best referees in the league so I am very surprised he didn't see it."


I'm sure he was full of sympathy for us after the Ovrebo scandal. I think the fact that both handballs v Barca were in the box makes our complaints a wee bit more valid than his childish squealing.

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Wasn't that incident from the free kick that Gerrard dived to win?

I actually think they got the freekick for the incident just after Gerrards dive. It certainly looked like the ref pointed to that spot instead of where Gerrard was "fouled".

Still, he did dive to try and get a freekick so he's still a cheating b*stard. And the fact that he wanted a penalty when the ball hit the arm outside of the penalty area makes me wonder if the guy even knows the rules of the game. And he's 2nd choice for captain behind Ferdinand? Oh dear...

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The Mail has done a piece on his diving:


WOW!!!! Amazingly a newspapaer finally has the balls to call him out on it, and thankfully they highlighted that it wasn't just the other night against Arsenal either. The comments below are calling him out on it too, other than two Liverpool fans who claim that he is "cleverly winning" free kicks. And that he never goes down without contact??? Really???!!!! What about the dive at Bolton? What about the penalty you won, and when the Sky Sports lot had to comment on it, they couldn't bring themselves to call out poor wee stevie...no, they claimed that there was intention to foul him, and he went down in anticipation!!! I still get mad that they tried to justify his blatant cheating


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It infuriates me when Liverpool fans say Drogba is a cheat, but gloss over everything Gerrard does.

Drogba dives less than Gerrard. Drogba over-exaggerates when on the ground, but rarely goes down with negligible contact.

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