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Ashley Cole - Player of the year!

The Moos

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We all knew it and now it's confirmed!


Fans across the country have voted Ashley Cole as England Player of the Year 2010 following a recent poll on the FA website.

It's the eighth year the online poll has run. It asks fans to choose who they feel performed best for England over the past 12 months.

In total Fabio Capello used 44 players during 2010. They played 12 matches, winning seven and scoring 21 goals in the process.

Cole missed just three fixtures, all of which were friendlies, against Egypt, Mexico and France.

The left-back now joins Frank Lampard on the England honours list; our vice-captain previously won back-to-back accolades in 2004 and 2005.

This year, Steven Gerrard came in second, while Manchester City winger Adam Johnson was third in the voting.

Gerrard 2nd :shok:

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Glad about this as it shows not all England fans are moronic boo`ers, and it also shows some can see through the Gerrard hype. Though him getting 2nd shows enough still buy into it. I guess the dippers will be having a minutes silence over this on saturday.

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To be honest Ashley Cole was far and away the best performer for England at the World Cup and throughout the year, and to give the award to pretty much anybody else would be a pretty appalling decision in terms of footballing contribution. It's sad that he doesn't get credit for his sheer consistent brilliance due to this ridiculous vendetta the entirety of the British public seems to have for him, but this is a nice break from the constant vitriol.

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Well done Ashley.

now, Arsenal fans....who got the better deal?

To be honest, I am completely suprised that fans voted this. I figured they'd all be too bought in on the "love rat cheats on national sweetheart" stories. I've maybe not lost all faith in humanity, yet!

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