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who is coming back from loans


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hope a couple of em will get a 1st team squad slot - PVA for sure..............borini hopefully yes IN

mancienne - not sure as he is tad lightweight as centreback (and we have cover) but ok holding midfield - but looks like OUT

cork - decent box2box player................see what happens after the u21's - But looks like OUT

bertrand - decent again - see what happens after the u21's - But looks like OUT

kakuta - game is tad predicatble and one dimensional - yes he has the skills so worth keeiping - IN

bruma - done well on loan but now in big queue for centrback, so unless he can convert to right back he'll go - OUT

Sturridge - IN IN IN

provided we can have a balanced squad (unless start this season) we can find room for 4-5 talented youngsters to support the 18-20 top players

strategy needs sorting - Guus, over to you

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It all depends on who we buy. I would send Kakuta out on loan again, but this time send him to a club where he gets to play.

Bertrand or PvA will have to be sent away on loan as well. Cole might be getting older, but he still manages to play every game for us. If we don't sell Zhirkov I can see him as Coles backup just so we can send both Bertrand and PvA somewhere else for more time to play.

Don't know much about Borini and Cork. Wasn't Borini leaving for Italy now? Cork will have no chance to play next season so he will have to go out on loan, unless we sell him.

Mancienne is someone who has never impressed me, but maybe the club has faith in him. If so he will have to go on loan. Doubt he'll get much time when we have so many players in the positions he plays in.

Bruma. I'm not impressed, but maybe he can become good. Loan!

Sturridge. Tough call. Never impressed with us, but has done well at Bolton. Doesn't mean he'll do as well back with us. Also, if we're getting Neymar and Lukaku (and perhaps more players even), where will he fit in? Maybe if we sell most of our current strikers, but I don't see that happening.

I guess that unless we fail to get the players we're linked with at the moment Sturridge would benefit from go on loan to some other club. The question then is, should we send him back to Bolton where he did well, or should he go somewhere else to see if he can do as well there? Maybe even to a better club than Bolton?

I think we've got more players out on loan at the moment, but I can't remember them all. Matic is one of them, but he's gone to Benfica now as part of the Luiz deal I think. I liked him, but in the end getting Luiz was perhaps better ;)

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I think the Sturridge scenario is a tricky one. He clearly thinks he's ready to start matches in the Premiership and if we can't/won't offer him that opportunity then I think he'll go somewhere that will. Not sure how he'd feel about going out on loan again, but maybe we'd be better off letting him go somewhere and do what he needs to do for his career if we end up signing players that we think are better. I imagine we'd get a lot more than the £4.5m we've spent on him after his performances for Bolton last season

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I think this is how our current loaned players would look -

Cork - Out

Borini - Out

Mancienne - Out

Bertrand - IN

Bruma - Loan again

Van Aanholt - Loan again

Sturridge - IN

Kakuta - IN/ Loan again

I think that's a fair assessment

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agree wiv most of that, but pva will be part of squad as (I believe) yuri will leave, also really hope borini will be retained as I believe he would give us good option up front as he can run the channels, play into feet and he's quick and honest - and has an eye for goal - he's also bit cocky, a good assett for a striker

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Maverick's list is pretty close to what will probably happen. However, I think everyone deserves the chance to go on the pre-season tour of Asia, get some minutes under the new manager and we go from there. Cork and Mancienne will probably leave, but they are both Under 21 Internationals, I'd like to at least see them in the first team to see what they can do before we just shunt them off having barely featured for the first team.

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If Coyle is going to play him, I say send Josh to Bolton for at least the first half of the season. I am all for a full season on loan, assuming that he still won't get many starts next year, but since we have the ANC to deal with again, we may need him to slot in the midfield next January.

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