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Chelsea Museum Opened Today


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Posted on: Mon 06 Jun 2011

We are delighted to launch of our brand new Museum, which opens at Stamford Bridge today.

Set over a new 670 square metre space behind the Matthew Harding Stand, the new facility offers fans a journey through more than 100 years of Chelsea history, as well as incorporating a host of state-of-the-art interactive features.

There is the adidas Shooting Gallery, which offers a video tutorial from a Chelsea Academy coach, demonstrating how best to strike the ball for maximum accuracy and power before visitors are invited to shoot at a number of targets. Can you break the record and reach the top of the leaderboard?

New Chelsea Museum

Wear it with Pride is a UK first, showing off a revolving display of iconic shirts ranging from Peter Osgood's to Ruud Gullit's. Fans can select a shirt from the touch screen menu, prompting the display to rotate and present the chosen shirt in front of you.

Elsewhere there is the opportunity to test your reflexes against Peter 'The Cat' Bonetti, a look at a World War I trench with information on how the club and its players were affected by wartime and an exhibition of some the trophies we have lifted, including our three Premier Leagues, the Uefa Cup Winners' Cup and the FA Cup.

There are also exciting video installations such as the Up Close And Personal show, a life-size 3D hologram feature with Chelsea legends Marcel Desailly and Ron Harris, and celebrity Blues fan Phil Daniels, and the widescreen AV Theatre demonstrates a matchday at Stamford Bridge from a supporter's perspective, taking in the sights and sounds from around the ground.

Finally, there is The Greatest Games exhibit, another interactive feature that allows you to see highlights from our most memorable matches down the years, voted for by you. So whether it is that 6-1 drubbing of Spurs in 1997 or the 4-4 draw against Liverpool in the Champions League in 2009, you can relive the magic all over again.

New Chelsea Museum

Chelsea's official historian, Rick Glanvill, played an important role in the new museum's creation.

'This has been an absolute labour of love, with an extraordinary amount of hard work from lots of people involved in it,' he said.

'We were able to build a really fascinating, emotional story of the club. That's really satisfying, showing that football isn't just about the trophies that you win but it's about the culture of your football club, and we've tried to reflect that with stories of the King's Road and of the club sending footballs to the Western Front during the first World War.

'There are loads and loads of new things for new fans, but lots for older fans too. We are still reconnecting with our roots and finding new things about the history of the club. We knew we didn't play in royal blue for the first few years, but we're now showing old fans what the colour was that we did play in.

'Each area is colour-coded according to our kits, so as well as reaching out and introducing the club, we are really reconnecting with our fan base, so the people that loved our promotion team in 1984 are catered for as much as those that discovered us in 2004, and I think it's great to see the professionalism of everyone involved and how it ended up with a world-class museum, and that's how Chelsea should be.'

For more information on the Museum, to book your tickets and to view a gallery of images, click here.

I will be getting to this when the new season starts, sounds fantastic :)

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Wait, we've been around for 100 years? I only thought football started when Sky invented the Premiership

Wasn't that shortly after that Murdoch bloke was born in a stable because there was no room at the inn?

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Any idea on pricing yet?

It's apparently £10 for adults. I'm sure many Shed Enders have visited, so what's your opinion? Is it worth a tenner? With the tour included one pays £18.

I'll be spending three nights and four days alone in London in 1,5 week, so I was hoping to see all the stuff you really can't when traveling in a group. The museum would be pretty cool, as well as the stadium tour. Do I need to book in advance, or can I just show up a bit before the tour is set to begin?

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I did the stadium tour and went to the museum. Both were alright, although one over excited customer who wanted me to snap photos of him posing constantly was f****** annoying. Grown bloke ffs. I should've told him to disturb someone else, but didn't... The tour guide seemed annoyed as well. I had hoped for a "deeper" tour, this was basically for someone who doesn't know Chelsea at all, but otherwise it was good.

The sad part was the Liverpool match today though. I had a ticket, but due to the strike tomorrow I had to leave London today, which obviously meant I couldn't go to the game. I'm extremely disappointed, but factors I couldn't help meant I needed to get home tomorrow, and now that it seemed highly unlikely I couldn't take the risk. It sounds silly, but that's the case.

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