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Hello all!


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Hi all,

Name's James, 19, from Essex. Life long Chelsea fan, got it from my granddad (god rest his soul) he never got the chance to take me to a game 'cos me mum never allowed it (she's a gooner), but i'm making up for them deprived years this season now i have some money in my pocket because getting up there etc doesn't come cheap!

Went to my first ever game in September (the Juve home leg) it just felt so right being there, since then went to the wolves game and going to united on wednesday and then Shakhtar the week after, needless to say I've caught the football bug!

Hope i enjoy the forum!


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my niece went the other way and joined the dark side. deserted the chels of the mid 90's and joined the dark forces of the gooners. have disowned her!!

I hope she has come off your Christmas card list! :biggrin:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys, my passion for chelsea has clearly rubbed off on her because she texted me on wednesday saying she was cheering for us! i don't think i'll manage to change her though!

I don't understand how people can change team? once you have a team that should be it, forever!

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