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  1. Getting rid of Kante would be like cutting off your right arm, just too begin learning to write with your left, a pointless excise for no good reason.
  2. There may be a nagging doubt in your mine, but the way Sarri has improved a team performance & playing style in a limited time frame it has not been nagging in his mind, if Luiz does start playing erratically I'm sure Sarri will be quick to show him the correct path to follow, have no doubt about that.
  3. Let me have his email address & I will tell him of my concerns, but then again think it is to late as he has been so successful doing it his way.
  4. You have to learn to walk before you can run, impatience & rushing is not the answer. Come back in a few months time.
  5. What a bucket mouth, cannot see you lasting.
  6. Was you asked to contribute towards his fee? Why people worry about fees seems pointless.
  7. Merson knows as much about predicting/forecasting as Michael Fish.
  8. His attributes far out way his deficiencies, that is why Sarri uses him.
  9. Where in my answer did I mention that. reply to what I said not what you would like me to have said.
  10. Sorry does not work like that, & if you was a manager that worked along those lines you be in dole office more than the managers office.
  11. Because they had a farter of a ref.
  12. Wisbech Town & Peterborough United, no trouble getting tickets.
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